The First MENA NFT Collection: Fananees NFT 

    The first MENA NFT collection, Fananees NFT is hitting the market. MBC Group created the Fananees characters as a mini-series for the holy month of Ramadan a few years back. Now, with the NFT world making a presence in the middle east with all of the projects debuting in tech capitals like Saudi Arabia and UAE. It only makes sense for a middle-eastern NFT collection to be born and mark the Arab presence in the world of Web3. Let’s dig in. 

    Fananees NFT  

    MBC Group and its partners are launching the MENA (Middle East North Africa) first NFT collection. Additionally, Fananees NFT collection features 7 characters from its yearly Ramadan mini-series. 

    The collection has

    • A total supply of 6000+8 (7 Legendary, 1/1) NFTs. 
    • The Mint price will be 0.08 ETH ($130) 
    • The mint schedule will be from ‘Iftar to Iftar’, that is from sunrise to sunset. 

    The Fananees NFT collection is set to become much larger than just an NFT project. It is the project’s mission to highlight the Middle East’s rich cultural heritage and showcase the incredible creativity of current times. Education is key to the project’s success. 

    This is why the team is committed to bringing educational modules to the Fananees Collectors and the wider ecosystem of Web3 enthusiasts to ensure more people in the Middle East unlock the potential of distributed ledger technology.

    The Launch Phases

    The Fananees NFT collection will be launched in 4 phases:

    • Phase 1: Whitelist Mint

    Price: 0.08 ETH/ $130.

    Max per wallet: 7 NFTs.

    Start time: March 24, 5 pm UTC, 8 pm KSA.

    End time: Match 26, 6 am UTC, 9 am KSA, or until sold out.

    • Phase 2: Public raffle mint 

    Price: 0.08 ETH.

    Max per wallet: 3 NFTs. 

    Start time:  March 26, 6 am UTC, 9 AM KSA.

    End time: March 26, 12 pm UTC, 3 PM KSA.

    • Phase 3: Binance Sale

    Price:  0.08 ETH. 

    Max per wallet: 3 NFTs.

    Subscription: March 25, 2 am UTC, 5 am KSA — March 26, 9 am UTC, 12 pm KSA.

    Calculation: March 26, 9 am UTC, 12 pm KSA — March 26, 12 pm UTC, 3 pm KSA.

    Distribution & Trading: March 26, 12 pm UTC, 3 pm KSA.

    • Phase 4: Public Mint

    Price: 0.08 ETH 

    Max per wallet: 3 NFTs

    Start time: March 26, 12 pm UTC, 3 PM KSA

    End time: March 26, 3 pm UTC, 6 PM KSA, or until sold out.

    Credit card payment enabled.

    Fananees NFT Roadmap

    Every NFT project needs a roadmap so investors can check out the future projects of the said collection The Fananees collection has a roadmap with 3 chapters:


    • Unlock the incredible world of MBC by collecting and staking your Fananees NFTs.
    • Participate in the first educational module and learn about Web3, and receive gifts.
    • The Artists Collective.
    • Wear your Fananees. 
    • First IRL meetup.


    • Visit MBC Studios.
    • Learn about Web3 in the Metaverse.
    • First Artist collaborative drop.
    • 3D Fananees.
    • Second Artist Collaborative Drop.


    • Enjoy the music.
    • Third artist collaborative Drop.
    • Mystery Boxes for Ramadan.
    • A Web3 dessert?


    • Staking

    Fananees NFT holders can stake their NFTs to earn rewards and unlock access to a range of unique experiences from MBC Group.

    Furthermore, these exclusive money-cannot-buy experiences include VIP access to events, celebrity meet & greets, merchandise, appearing on popular MBC shows as an extra, and many more!

    • Fananees Family Club

    Members of the Fananees Family Club (FFC) will have access to a dedicated group chat. Which includes Fananees team members and their partners, enabling members to share ideas, provide recommendations and speak directly with the Fananees team.

    • Learn 2 Own

    The Fananees NFT will grant holders access to the Learn-2-Own educational platform, which provides courses on everything related to Blockchain technology. With various classes; regardless if you are a complete beginner or an expert, the Learn-To-Own platform has something for everyone. 

    Fananees NFT: The Future 

    Lastly, the Fananees NFT collection is not just a normal NFT collection. It represents the future of Web3 Projects in MENA. And how they can be part of an international and global community. Moreover, the lovely characters are sure to grab attention not just because of their link to the Islamic holiday. But also for their overall benefits, utilities, and just their lovely design alone! You can check out the collection on Opensea.


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