Feetpix: The Weirdest NFT Collection of 2023

    This year has been weird from the very start. NFT sales pumped 26% and dropped 56% only two weeks into 2023. It’s all been like something out of a fever dream. But, what’s the most absurd yet is this new NFT collection, feetpix. It is an NFT collection of pixelated feet. Let’s see what’s going on with this collection.

    Feetpix Surpasses BAYC

    Feetpix was initially a free mint. Its floor price currently stands at 0.11 ETH (approx $178.80 per the ETH rate at the time of writing) on OpenSea. On the day of its launch, it accumulated 778 ETH (around $1.1M per the current ETH rate) in volume surpassing BAYC

    Wait, What Is Feetpix Again? 

    I don’t know why you’re shocked, buddy. As I already said, the collection is literally pixelated feet. The traits? Different toe nail polish color, cigarettes between toes, skin color, and various underwear. Let’s take a look at a few NFTs from the collection.

    Feetpix Collection I know what you’re thinking by now. Is this web3 foot fetish uncovered? Pretty much, yes. 

    But, Do BC Holders Own Feetpix?

    Even though feetpix is literally a collection of feet, it’s making sales. And, it even surpassed a blue-chip project. The ironic thing is, there are a total of 2167 owners among which 219 are blue chip owners! 10.11% of such a useless collection are BC owners per the data on NFTinit

    BC Holders

    Moreover, the majority of holders (54.56%) hold 1 NFT only. Okay, it was funny, free mint, and it created meme content on Twitter. And, we know this by now. If a project turns into a meme, it will pump. However, there are also owners who hold multiple feetpix NFTs. Now, I don’t get that

    Amount Distribution

    Is Feetpix Here To Stay?

    So the collection is pumping, yes. But, is it going to be a solid collection in this space? Well, the floor price, per the data provided by alphasharks, doesn’t tell us much. It’s not hitting an insane number. But, it’s not going into a free fall. 

    Feetpix Floor Price Chart

    It might be too soon to know exactly how it’s going to do in the long run. But, holders are making notable profit nevertheless. 

    Wait, What Is Twitter Saying?

    So Feetpix is pumping because of Twitter. But, is everyone looking at these feet with rose colored glasses? 

    Some Are Actually Supporting It

    Well, feetpix describe their collection as “0 roadmap, 0 promises, 0 marketing, 0 paid influencers, 1 common love of feet.” So, why is anyone supporting this project? They love feet! Yeah… 

    NFT Collectors Critcizing Feetpix

    A lot of NFT fanatics are against this collection. According to them, the collection is useless and the community should do better. 

    Feetpix got everyone’s attention in this space, even Beeple’s who mocked it.


    So yeah, NFT fanatics are buying non-fungible feet. To each their own likings, right? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. We are in the process of building web3. Projects that don’t provide actual value shouldn’t be topping the charts. And, feetpix provide nothing besides… feet pictures. So why is it pumping? 

    Is that the new norm of 2023? Or, is it nothing besides a breath of fresh air after the tough year of 2022? Or, is this the “entertainment value” of web3? However we choose to see this, I hope the focus on valuable projects isn’t done in web3 in 2023. Speaking of new NFT collections, National Geographic joined this world. Check their collection here


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