Find New NFT Projects Right Now!

    Today’s topic is how to find new NFT projects early and catch the train right from the start! How can we find collections with incredibly high promise before everyone else?

    Right now, there are not so many new collections rolling out to the stagnant market. Nonetheless, you can still find some hidden gems!

    There are many benefits to being one of the OG supporters of an upcoming release. These include: Securing whitelist spots, snagging an NFT at the mint price (Generally, a lower price) and flipping it for profit, and finally a headstart to do better research before going all-in on a new NFT project. 

    In order to maximize your returns from NFT investments, there are a bunch of steps and tell-tale signs to look out for. Finding a fresh project to invest in is neither a gamble nor rocket science! 

    Early adopters of successful projects like Cryptopunks and Bored Apes for example made massive gains. So, this bears testimony that identifying good projects from the get-go can lead to earning supernormal profits.

    What’s the secret? Let’s jump right in!

    Find New NFT Projects on Twitter

    Follow project owners, NFT OGs and artists. Basically, you gotta search for the best influencers, devs, and creators who provide real value in the space. 

    Our current favorites are ElenaETH, NFT Nate, Wale.swoosh, and Crypto Gorilla! Check out these NFT influencers on Twitter! 

    Monitor Potentials in Twitter Lists 

    Follow the potential accounts for a while. If they pass the test, add them to a Twitter list. This lets you consistently keep track of their tweets. 

    Without a doubt, these Twitter accounts will retweet or reply to new NFT projects that have potential. 

    And once you monitor your created lists, then you can create ANOTHER Twitter sub-list of potential projects you came across that are up to your liking.

    What should you monitor exactly? 

    • Focus on the following
    • Audience Engagement
    • How often they tweet (Frequency)
    • The projects’ creators
    • Number of influencers following this project (Very Imp!)

    How to create a Twitter list?

    • Go to Lists in the navigation bar.
    • Click the Create New List icon at the top.
    • Choose a name for your List and if you want it private or public.
    • Search for people and add people to your List.

    Twitter List To Find New NFT Projects

    Monitor The Activity of NFT Whales

    Dissecting the whale wallet movements helps you find and identify fantastic new NFT projects early. Usually, the higher the diversion of prominent wallet funds toward a particular project, the higher the project’s estimated profitability.

    Use Nansen, Icy Tools, or Dappradar to see what top whales in the blue-chip communities are buying and selling! Better yet, time your entries and exits according to said whales.

    Note: Although NFT analytics tools are expensive when used currently, you can make tons of money!

    How can you monitor the activity of NFT Whales?

    In this example, I’ll use NFT Whale Boredhefner as a test subject… 

    Step 1:

    Find their wallet address by going into their OpenSea or Blur account

    Step 2:

    Paste the wallet address on Dappradar.

    Step 3:

    Monitor their Buy/Sell activity.

    Use Discords Groups To Find New NFT Projects

    The platform allows you to connect with fellow collectors and even find out about upcoming NFT launches. Not to mention that certain NFTs provide access to exclusive Discord servers where new projects and NFT drops are announced. 

    There are tons of alpha groups on Discord! If you want to know what’s coming next, join a few of these groups and start engaging with their members. They’re likely to give you some tips on how to prepare for the release date. 

    Our top groups to find NFT projects from are the following:

    1) Momentum Alpha Group:

    0.749 ETH for Access via Blur.

    Momentum Group To Find NFT Projects

    2) Consortium Key to find new NFT Projects:

    2.29 ETH for access via OpenSea

    Consortium Key To Find NFT Projects

    3) Underground:

    1.95 ETH for Season 1 access via OpenSea

    4) Dark Echelon Alpha:

    0.98 ETH for access via OpenSea.

    Dark Echelon To Find New NFT Projects

    5) Alphazillanft:

    0.0229 ETH for access via OpenSea. Check out their Discord!

    AlphaZilla Group To Find NFT Projects

    6) Mirror pass to find new NFT projects:

    0.8 ETH for access via OpenSea. Check out their Discord!

    Mirror Pass Group

    7)  Book Of Alfa:

    Free or 100$ for exclusive channels on Discord

    Filter Out New NFT Projects

    Using NFT analytics tools can help you filter out the projects with actual hype behind them. This helps you find new NFT projects much faster!

    When you track NFT performance using tools like Nansen and Icy Tools, you can catch valuable NFT projects early! 

    In detail, these platforms offer metrics like real-time mints, hottest collections, market patterns, floor price, rarity, transaction volume, and more. 

    Moreover, you can use tools to verify if the NFT project is legit and keep track! This will ensure you won’t get scammed or rugged. 

    Find New NFT Projects On Calender Websites:

    In detail, NFT Calendars are top destinations for finding exciting NFT projects early on. And generally speaking, NFT drops with a verified badge come from the stables of branded artists and are considered more reliable than unverified drops.

    Hence, the higher demand and build-up for verified projects pump up their perceived valuations.

    These calenders promote NFTs hosted on multiple blockchains like WAX, Solana, Ethereum, etc. So, subscribe and stay tuned to NFT Calendar to mint NFTs from lucrative collections early.

    Bonus point if you can find a free mint!

    Free mints are so in right now, hunt down new free mints on Twitter through accounts like Nftwhalealert that show data like hourly top mint projects and whale activities.

    Always check secondary before minting, sometimes secondary can be cheaper than mint, or you can find rare traits at FP.

    And how do you make sure that free mint is safe and not another scam website? Examine the contract if you can, otherwise, the safest way is to use a separate degen wallet to mint this stuff.

    Without further ado, I’m gonna list a couple of websites for upcoming drops:

    1) MintyScore

    2) NFTGO

    3) NFTScoring

    NFT Scoring To Find New NFT Projects

    4) NFT Calender

    NFT Calender To Find New NFT Projects

    Find New Releases on Marketplaces



    OpenSea allows you to observe rankings and activity. And considering it’s the number one marketplace for NFTs, it’s also the best place to find reputable and new NFT projects.

    Use Blur To Find New NFT Projects

    Blur is currently going head-to-head with OpenSea. So, it is a great place to start looking!

    Magic Eden

    Magic Eden is the leading NFT trading platform on the Solana network. With low transaction costs and high liquidity, Magic Eden has become a fairly popular option for NFT traders!


    Binance has notoriously low market fees so many users love the simple and easy-to-use app that allows you a better overview of new projects and trends.

    Use Rarible To Find New NFT Projects

    Rarible is one more fantastic NFT platform to follow trends and find new and exciting projects. Although it has higher fees, it has great ranking tools and ways to discover new NFTs.

    Evaluate A Project’s Official Website

    To find a new NFT project that is potentially profitable, check the project’s site. It should cover the following:

    • The project’s description, backstory, vision, creators, artists, and roadmap.
    • Utility and benefits for holders.
    • Vip access rights to virtual spaces for member-only.
    • Project terms and conditions.
    • Privacy policy.
    • Links to the project’s social media handles and underlying smart contracts.
    • Important announcements on tech upgrades, derivative works, marketplace listing, presales, auctions, etc.

    NFT Projects Worth Checking Out

    Weebox: A new digital collectibles platform designed for anime and manga enthusiasts looking to expand the horizons of their anime collections.

    Code Sekai: A project inspired by anime, manga, and games. It is ALLEGEDLY an ecosystem driven by the community’s voice.

    Walt’s Vault: Check out their website and thank us later…

    The MEO: A new collection that combines exclusive, unique art collectible PFP NFTs with an innovative IP brand and a community-driven backstory.

    The Takeaway On Finding New NFT Projects

    Without a doubt, you shouldn’t go into any project blindly. And there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the lengthy quest to find new NFT projects as soon as they’re announced. However, the steps we mentioned can surely reduce your risks of going into a dead-end project.

    Finally, always exert your due diligence with research whenever you feel like investing in a new release. And be careful! Even big influencers in the space are willing to take a bribe to promote a scammy project. Remember the MMA boxer story? 

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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