Food NFTs: Eat Your Way into the Foodverse!

    Have you ever wondered what NFTs might taste like? Maybe you’ll never actually know. However, the food industry is marinating its way into Web3 by bringing mouth-watering NFTs. The Foodverse is the first-ever food platform on the blockchain. It’s an opportunity for the food industry to explore new technology and territory of marketing. Even though you can’t actually eat food in this metaverse, the food blockchain experience offers more than just a la carte goodies. Foodies worldwide can have virtual food experiences, trade food NFTs, gain memberships in exclusive food events, and play food-related games. 

    So, what’s on the Foodverse menu? And what are food NFTs?

    The Foodverse 

    OneRare's Foodverse

    Everyone, or at least all foodies, has fantasized about an all-you-can-eat universe –  a Foodverse. OneRare is the first-ever Food themed metaverse founded by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta. On an ordinary-looking day, Supreet pitched to her blockchain-enthusiast husband the idea of making “french fries” on Web3. The project then developed to become the first-ever play-to-earn food metaverse, where players can cultivate crops to make their favorite dishes and earn tokens in the process. 

    “OneRare is on a mission to foodify the blockchain and bring the global food industry to Web3 for the first time”. The Foodverse’s aim is to bring food and beverage brands to contribute to Web3 by creating a food-savorer community. The platform had already collaborated with celebrity chefs, renowned restaurants, and big food and beverage companies. 

    How Does it Work?

    The Foodverse uses play-to-earn mechanics where the tokenomics revolve around the Foodverse’s native token, ORARE. You acquire ingredients as a form of NFTs by staking your ORARE tokens. 

    The game offers four zones as stages of gameplay:

    • The Farm: Players stake their tokens to earn NFT ingredients
    • Farmer’s Market: NFT trading system, where you can buy or sell ingredients from other players.
    • The Kitchen: Players gather their NFT ingredients to find recipes. Players then mint their NFT dish when all ingredients of a certain recipe are obtained. Here you can find recipes from celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani. 
    • The Playground: After minting dish NFTs, players get to participate in several games to earn ORARE tokens. 

    Food NFTs

    Aside from the immersive Foodverse, Food industries are garnishing their marketing dish with non-fungible tokens. NFTs are a great way for food brands to market their products amongst the rising fame of Web3 and blockchain technology. How? Well, there are many ways to experience food on the blockchain. You can acquire a wide range of food art collectibles, secret recipes, and exclusive memberships to access physical real-life restaurants. 

    Food Collectibles

    Collectibles that relate to food are becoming more popular as the NFT spectrum reached a new territory. Food art NFT collections are booming across all NFT marketplaces. Both world-renowned food brands and smaller creators are offering Food NFTs and waiting for collectors to take a bite!

    Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    Back in March 2021, Taco bell issued 25 crypto assets by the name of NFTaco Bell. The NFT collection sold out within 30 minutes of its launch on the NFT marketplace Rarible. Taco Bell’s NFTs were a five-type NFT collection that related to Taco Bell’s menu and started at a price of $1 each. However, NFTaco Bell made a substantial profit in secondary sales with some pieces resold at $3000. The profit of NFTaco Bell will go to the Live Mas Scholarship. Moreover, the original holder of the NFT will be rewarded with a $500 Taco Bell gift card. 


    Mcdonald's NFT

    Mcdonald’s created a limited NFT collection in celebration of McRib’s 40th anniversary. The collection consists of 10 McRib NFTs. The company gave away this limited number of NFTs to lucky fans on Twitter on November 1, 2021. To be a holder of a McRib NFT, all people had to do was follow Mcdonald’s Twitter account and retweet the official invitation. 

    Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut NFTs

    Back in March 2021, Pizza Hut released the first-ever Pizza NFT on the blockchain. The 1 Byte Favourites project consists of 8-bit style digital versions of pizzas. The collection was available on Rarible for a price of 0.0001 ETH. The price mirrors the actual price of 1 bite of pizza, which would be around 17 cents. 17 cents for a bite of pizza? I think people would rather own a digital asset at that price!

    Food NFT Collections

    Food NFT

    Aside from the big names in the food industry, many food-themed NFT collections are coming out of the oven and are ready to be “minted”. Noodles, a food NFT collection, has already secured 2,895 ETH on Opensea! That’s approximately $3 million worth of digital wobbly and colorful noodles. Think about that next time you munch down your ordinary-looking instant noodles. Other collections like the Ramen Shop, Generative Burger Club, and Eth Burgers are food-themed art NFTs that climbing their way up the NFT food chain. 

    NFT Recipes

    Food recipes are, in their nature, collectibles. Foodies LOVE to collect recipes, especially rare ones. Stella Artois auctioned as an NFT the Fried Yardbird recipe of chef Marcus Samuelsson. The NFT consisted of an image of Fried Yardbird and a video of chef Samuelsson prepping the dish. Moreover, there exist now marketplaces where foodies and chefs can mint and sell recipe NFTs. Recipe NiFty and GourmentNFT are marketplaces that allow doing so. 

    NFT Memberships

    Food NFTs can be found in the form o NFT memberships that offer exclusive restaurant access. The world’s first-ever NFT restaurant, Flyfish Club, offers  “unlimited access to a private dining room” at the physical restaurant in New York. Another notable food NFT membership is the loyalty program offered by Starbucks loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey, which offers immersive coffee experiences. 

    Food NFTs: The Creme Brulee of Web3?

    The blockchain is a technological tornado that is taking every field with it to arrive at the revolutionary Web3. And the food industry is another way to assure that NFTs are here to stay. Moreover, giants like Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and many more are discovering the true potential of Web3 by using NFTs to market their products, sell virtual services and curate a food-loving community. We are at the beginning of the Foodverse, with much more NFT seasoning to come. 


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