Fragments by James Jean: A Collection Of Intrusive Thoughts 

    The knowledge is common sense that NFT collections tend to take on futuristic and unique artistic styles. The art world is constantly changing with new meanings and concepts for art emerging daily.  And we can see these new concepts in the Fragments by James Jean NFT collection. The collection is made up of hand-drawn digital artworks commissioned by the digital art platform Outland. With its unique ‘painted glass’ style the NFT collection is turning heads and getting attention from collectors and investors. Let’s dig in. 

    Fragments by James Jean

    Fragments is a series of 7,000 NFTs by James Jean. Created in April 2022 for the digital art platform Outland. The series is entirely hand-drawn and presents a series of fantastical characters that are emerging from the artist’s imagination. What Jean describes as “mythic beings”, each character bears a unique persona on a pentagonal frame in his signature psychedelic color palette.

    Fragments by James Jean features visual elements that have appeared within Jean’s works throughout his career, including his interest in the painting traditions of European, Chinese, and Japanese old Masters, and so offers a retrospective exploration of his artistic practice. You can check out the collection on Opensea

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 0.206579 ETH ($376.10) 
    • Market Cap: 1,446.053 ETH ($2,632,690.56)
    • 24H Volume: 264.6453 ETH


    The Fragments by James Jean NFT collection is inspired by Pagoda, a forthcoming large-scale, luminous architectural pavilion. That is the result of four years of collaborative projects between Jean and Judson Studios. Which is an LA-based art glass studio founded over 120 years ago.

    Fragments will exist on the Blockchain as a means of eternalizing Jean’s future physical work in the digital realm. Furthermore, the edition size represents the 7,000 pieces of glass required to build the Pagoda. 

    James Jean 

    The industry celebrates and praises James Jean for his painterly aesthetic which ranges from expressionistic to precise depiction and has certain techniques.

    From art historical traditions, including Baroque paintings to Japanese Woodblock prints and Chinese silk scroll paintings.

    In addition to Fragments by James Jean, the artist has other notable works that deserve the same appreciation just as much. Like his work for Disney’s ‘American Born Chinese.’ 

    And works like ‘The Whale’ 


    Outland is a platform with the goal of supporting critical conversations around emerging digital technologies and their connections to Contemporary art. It aims to present clever perspectives on a future-facing art world. 

    Outland is building a network of the leading voices in the creation, criticism, and collecting of digital art. Their web is constantly expanding through partnerships with Museums, Art Galleries, and other Institutions. As well as through commissions of art and writing. In addition to helping artists like the Fragments by James Jean NFT collection

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the collection Fragments by James Jean is a new modern definition of art-themed NFT collections. It is true the NFT market is filled to the brim with collections corresponding to different themes. But only the truly successful collections are the ones that promise a future and that show signs of a good investment. Because who would want to invest in a wrong collection right? 


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