Ultimate Free NFT Course Blueprint: Full Course

    Congrats, you found this webpage either via searching or a referral from a friend! Our mission is to provide value to the NFT community. Therefore, we’ve created a very detailed NFT blueprint course that will walk you through all the difficulties in understanding all the basic and advanced stuff in the NFT space. 

    NFT COURSE Includes:

    What is a Blockchain

    You should have enough understanding of how the blockchain works since NFTs are in the blockchain. This chapter is essential for you to learn and we covered all the aspects needed.

    • What and How are blocks created
    • Blockchain secure mechanism 
    • Proof-of-work-mechanism
    • Perr-to-Peer Network
    • And more…

    Understanding Cryptocurrency

    There are many currencies and you should understand the different currencies and how they are integrated with the blockchain, in the NFT world there are different markets and cryptocurrencies

    • What is Cryptocurrency
    • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
    • Types of cryptocurrencies 
    • And more…

    A brief explanation about NFTS

    Don’t worry if you have 0 knowledge about NFTs. This chapter of our NFT course helps you understand everything in the NFT space from terms and technical stuff.

    • What is an NFT
    • How NFTs started
    • Most valuable NFTS
    • Types of NFTS
    • Smart contracts
    • How do smart contracts work
    • How smart contracts are made
    • NFT gas fees
    • How gas fees work and why it’s created
    • Changing gas fees
    • NFT marketplaces 
    • NFT Utilities explained
    • NFT Roadmap explained
    • DAO
    • Token and utilities
    • Breeding
    • NFT metaverse and P2P
    • NFT Rugpull
    • And more…..

    NFT  Investment

    Projects are not created equally in the NFT world and there are a lot of scams and rug pulls. In this chapter of the NFT course, we will teach you how to identify good projects from bad ones.

    • How to choose projects wisely
    • How to avoid rug pull
    • Steps to take before investing in any collection

    Minting/Buying NFT 101

    You need all educational materials to understand the process of minting and buying an NFT.

    • Technical explanation on NFT minting
    • What is an NFT wallet
    • Types of NFT wallets
    • How to set up a crypto wallet
    • How to manage your metamask
    • Sending funds to your metamask
    • Creating Opensea account
    • Choosing a project step by step
    • NFT whitelisting and minting
    • How to mint after getting whitelisted
    • NFT smart contract
    • After minting Process
    • NFT terms that you should know
    • How to Buy and Sell your NFT
    • NFT flipping tactics 
    • NFT tools that will help you
    • And more…

    How to access NFT Course

    You’ll have access to our NFT course and Discord group, we will provide you with premium tools that will help you to succeed in your NFT game.

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