Don’t Miss The Biggest Free NFT Mint In Super Bowl 2023

    This sounds like something out of a fever dream. Free NFT mint in Super Bowl? The super bowl is the annual final playoff game of the National Football League in America. It is the most anticipated event of the year with half-time shows featuring A-list celebrities.

    Over 50 million people watch it either live or on their TVs. To buy commercial time during the SP is crazy expensive. We’re talking about millions of dollars. So, why on earth would someone pay this much money to give others non-fungible tokens for FREE? Who would even do that? 

    Who is Doing the Free NFT Mint in Super Bowl?

    Gabe Leydon, CEO of Limit Break, is the one behind the biggest free NFT mint in during Super Bowl LVII on February 14, 2023. The free mint will be through a Limit Break ad containing a QR code. ANYONE can scan the code and mint an NFT for free. 

    You would get a Dragon NFT from the DigiDaiGaku collection. Leydon says the supply is actually scarce with only 10K pieces available for over 50 million watchers. 

    “We’re doing an extremely small collection, especially compared to the audience — something like 50 million people are going to see the commercial,” Leydon said. “ I think this is going to be a really big deal because I think it’s going to change television advertising.”

    Why Is He Doing A Free Mint?

    Leydon has already run multiple Super Bowl ads for the games Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike. And, they were the best marketing the company ever did. We understand why anyone would be interested in doing an ad in the Super Bowl.

    I mean, the amount of people that would just hear about your brand, is insane. It definitely boosts any company’s name. For the better, one could hope. But, why the free NFT mint during the Super Bowl? 

    Making “Limit Break” The Pioneers of Web3 Marketing 

    Gabe has said that this is setting standards for web3 marketing. Coinbase has already done something similar. It hosted a giveaway where it used QR codes during the SP commercial. And, as a result, anyone who scans enters a chance to win $3 million in prizes. In addition to the free $15 Bitcoin, anyone would get just for signing up. 

    But to MINT an NFT during Super Bowl? “I’m pretty excited about it,” Leydon said. “Nobody [in Web3] has done it this way on television before. I think this is going to be the norm on television after we’re done. Because why wouldn’t you?” he said. 

    “Why wouldn’t you put digital collectibles in your ads?” I mean, maybe because the competition would be INSANE and everyone would want in? Oh, wait. 

    Wait A Minute GIFs | Tenor

    Increase Demand for The NFT Collection

    The main thing that drives ANY NFT collection in this space is hype. It can be the most useless collection with no utility, no purpose, and even shit art. But, if the community hypes it up. It will pump even if momentarily. People will buy it. 

    I mean, people are buying feetpix NFTs… FEET PICS! Yeah, I made my point. Leydon said, “The point of it is to get a digital asset, and they’re going to be extremely rare and hopefully collectible as a result.”

    But, Does The Community Care About The Free NFT Mint in Super Bowl?

    We get it, if people are hyped up about the free NFT mint in the Super Bowl it will drive the collection through the ceiling. So, what are the people saying? So far, everyone seems to be excited and looking forward to it. 

    But, people have also pointed out that hey, buddy, we’re in a bear market. And, adding to that, the general economy isn’t its greatest. What are you doing spending $6.5 million on an AD? 

    Leydon replied to that by saying “We feel justified because what we’re doing is radically different. Everybody thinks we’re making a video ad. We’re creating a worldwide Web3 event in real-time. That has not been done before.” 

    Floor Price Surges as Free Mint News Circulate

    Furthermore, as the news of the free NFTin the super bowl started circulating, the DigiDaiGaku floor price started increasing. At the beginning of January, its floor price was around 10 ETH and now it’s 12.98 ETH per OpenSea

    Free NFT Mint in Super Bowl


    So, recap:

    • Incredibly High Demand
    • Limited Supply
    • Community Hype
    • Web2 friendly (scan QR code)
    • Forever linked to Super Bowl commercial that people usually remember after years

    What other collection has all of the above? None. So, the free NFT mint in Super Bowl is a smart idea. It already started to boost the collection’s floor price. Limit Break is managing to stand out in the middle of a crowd in the middle of an INSANE competition. I mean, Memeland Captainz sales reached 10,000 ETH in 5 days! Check it out here


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