The Best Free Sources To Learn Web3 Development 

    As we evolve we find ourselves and everything around us related in some way to Web3 and Blockchains. Therefore, this new lifestyle requires some education about it. And people are finding themselves increasingly interested in the mechanics of Web3 and getting into Web3 development. And as such newbies need the right place to know all the ins and outs of it and will need to be guided to the right place. Here are the top free places to learn Web3 development. Let’s dig in. 

    Web3 Development 

    It is true that Web3 development became a new hyped phenomenon in the world. Web3 development refers to the process of building decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols using Blockchain technology and decentralized principles. It is an evolution of traditional web development that embraces the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain networks. 

    Allowing new possibilities for trust, security, and ownership on the internet. Web3 development primarily revolves around Blockchain platforms, with Ethereum being one of the most prominent and widely used platforms for Web3 applications. Now, anyone interested can take up a course on Web3 development and become  

    Top Free Places To Learn Web3 Development

    With the high demand to learn Web3 development, there are many places one can go to seek this piece of knowledge. From youtube channels, blogs, and to actual courses where you can get a certificate. Without further ado here are the top free places to learn Web3 development:

    Web3 Development Youtube Channels 

    Most people find themselves heading to Youtube for educational purposes. And Web3 development is not an exception as many Youtube channels offer videos and tutorials on this subject. Youtube channels are excellent sources for learning new stuff as it gives insight into the community plus it is FREE!

    1. FreeCodeCamp

    One of the top Youtube channels for Web3 development. FreeCodeCamp offers educational videos for anyone who wants to learn Web3 development. The channel with over 7M subscribers offers videos on various topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, data structures, algorithms, and more. It features tutorials, coding challenges, interview preparation tips, and coding project walkthroughs. 

    Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your coding journey or an experienced programmer seeking to expand your skills, the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel can be a valuable resource to learn and enhance your programming knowledge.

    learn web3 dev 5

    2. Dapp University 

    With 570K subscribers, Dapp University represents a popular educational resource focused on decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain development. The channel is hosted by Gregory McCubbin, who is an experienced Blockchain developer and instructor. 

    On the channel,  you can find a wide range of videos that cover topics such as Ethereum, Solidity programming, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi). In addition to, various Blockchain frameworks and tools. The videos often include step-by-step tutorials, code explanations, and demonstrations of building and deploying dApps.

    learn web3 dev 6  

    3. EatTheBlocks

    With 146K subscribers, the EatTheBlocks channel is a great source for learning Web3 development. The channel is run by Julien Klepatch, who is a Blockchain developer and consultant. EatTheBlocks offers a wide range of tutorials on Blockchain development, with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity. 

    The videos and tutorials provided are beginner-friendly and will guide you through the steps to help you learn Web3 development. 

    learn web3 dev 1

    4. WhatTheFunc?

    WhatTheFunc? is a Web3 channel specializing in Web3 development. The channel dedicates videos and tutorials to help beginner and advanced people learn Web3 development. With th host Ed Zynda, you will be led through extensive tutorials while getting entertained. The channel currently has 8.17K subscribers.

    learn web3 dev 3

    5. CodeXpert

    With 6.57K subscribers, the CodeXpert Youtube channel offers multiple tutorials and explanation videos regarding everything related to Web3 and Web3 development. Therefore, almost anyone with a question can simply subscribe and learn about Web3 development and more. The tutorials branch from NFTs to dApps and much more! 

     web3 dev 2

    6. Finematics

    The Finematics Youtube channel is a popular educational resource with 348K subscribers. The channel focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies. It provides in-depth analysis, tutorials. And explanations of various DeFi protocols, Blockchain projects, and cryptocurrency-related topics.  The content is designed to help viewers understand the concepts and mechanics behind different DeFi applications and how they function within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

     web3 dev 4

    Therefore, if you’re interested in learning about Web3 and keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency world. The Finematics YouTube channel can be a valuable resource.

    7. Third Web

    Third Web is a valuable Youtube channel with 7.89K subscribers and 55K followers on Twitter. So, it is easy to say that this source is valuable and trustworthy. The channel offers in-depth tutorials making it easy to understand and learn about Web3. The tutorials vary from wallets to launching NFT collections, creating your own token, and much more! 

     web3 dev 7

    8. James Bachini

    James Bachini is a digital marketer and entrepreneur known for his expertise in performance marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). He has shared his knowledge and insights through various online platforms, including blog posts and industry events. His Youtube channel has 18K subscribers tuning in to watch various videos explaining algorithms and Web3 tutorials. 

     web3 dev 8

    Web3 Insights: Learn Web3 Ins and Outs

    Not only are there Youtube channels to provide free Web3 development videos. But there also are Youtube channels to help people learn Web3 Insights and provide them with the news they need. So, without further ado here are the top 5 Youtube channels you need to provide you with Web3 Insights: 

    1. Coin Bureau 

    One of the popular sources for Web3 Insights is Coin Bureau. The Youtube channel has an impressive 2.26M subscribers. The channel focuses on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It is hosted by a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and analyst who goes by the pseudonym “Guy.” Moreover, you can find a wide range of videos covering topics such as Cryptocurrency projects, market analysis, investment strategies, Blockchain technology explanations, and much more!      insights  

    2. Whiteboard Crypto

    The Whiteboard Crypto Youtube channel has over 800K subscribers. The channel dives into the depth of Web3 explaining various topics. Like ‘What is a Blockchain?’ or ‘Web3 Frequently asked questions’ and it offers a bunch of tutorials as well. Furthermore, the channel acts as a valuable source of information for beginners and helps them learn about Web3 in an entertaining and educational way. 
     insight 2

    3. The Defiant

    The The Defiant”  YouTube channel is an educational resource and news platform focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is an extension of The Defiant Media brand, which covers the latest developments, trends, and analysis in the world of DeFi. It boasts around 119K subscribers and on the channel you can find videos covering a wide range of topics, including interviews with industry experts, project reviews, market analysis, and more. The channel aims to provide viewers with valuable Insights and information to understand and navigate the evolving landscape of DeFi.
      insight 3

    4. Web3 Academy 

    Web3 Academy is a Youtube channel with 3.18K subscribers and 10.5K Twitter followers. The channel guides entrepreneurs, businesses, and creators into Web3. You can explore how to use NFTs, Crypto, and Web3 to create thriving communities and build sustainable business models. Web3 Academy also has a website where they offer multiple classes spanning from NFTs to Metaverse to news and much more! 

     insight 4

    5. Web3 Business

    With 3.15K subscribers, the Web3 Business Youtube channel offers multiple videos to help beginners learn Web3 ins and outs and how to get about in the industry. Moreover, the show is hosted by Michael Stelzner and it aims to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators understand the business potential of Web3, NFTs, and DAOs. It also offers a free course on Web3 which you can check out here insight 5 

    Final Word 

    Lastly, Youtube is a huge hub for learning. And the main perk that comes with it is that it is completely free. So, people can learn Web3 development or learn Web3 Insights for free in their free time or as a hobby even. Therefore, if you are interested in learning Web3 development or just getting an insight about the industry you can check the above Youtube channels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner there is always a place for you to learn. You can even take up a Web3 course from an authorized website. Check them out here.


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