Would You Enter an Online Raffle for Free Yeezys?

Duh. Who wouldn’t?

We’re talking about FREE Yeezys here. Without having to wait in crazy lines. Without having to camp online for hours for a release which will get sold out in less than a minute. Now, here’s an opportunity to get some free Yeezys and actually stand a chance.

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In addition to Yeezys and other limited edition sneakers, there’s range of mystery gifts that will surely make your lives a whole lot easier. In total, the prizes add up to over a $11k+. So if that’s not the biggest giveaway, we don’t know what is!



Every sneakerhead and their mother want to join this raffle. X blogger even joked that he’ll enter his grandma’s name into the raffle. Best of luck Granny!

There’s a chance for up to 50 people to win in this online raffle. That’s more free Yeezys than the releases Australia gets. Ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing. Winners will be announced every two weeks and the raffle will be open until the end of December.

Prizes will include one out of the 3 most anticipated, most exclusive Yeezys releasing soon.

How to Join the Free Yeezys Raffle?


To enter our massive giveaway, all you have to do is visit this link, enter your Email and keep your hopes high.

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