NFTs are going physical: First ftNFT store opens in Dubai

    The NFT trends have become a worldwide phenomenon and almost everyone owns or has heard of the NFT market. The NFT is known to be a precious digital asset. But now you can acquire your NFT from a physical store that you can visit in person. The ftNFT store in Dubai proves that people always have a need for something physical. This was also confirmed by the numerous events held by NFT collections and brands which people rush to attend and acquire physical merchandise of their digital NFTs. Let’s dig in.

    The ftNFT Store Opening

    The ftNFT store opened on December 22, 2022, in the United Arab Emirates. The store opened in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai to be specific. The physical NFT store is the first of its kind in the MENA region making it more special than it already is. When attending the grand opening, guests had a special opportunity to meet NFT artists and exhibitors in person and to learn about their work firsthand. Among the attendees was Amrita Sethi, the first NFT artist in the UAE and one that has created an original style of bringing art to life. And vice versa through Voice Note Art. We also saw a wide collection of AKNEYE, a number of hand-painted and unique eye sculptures. Alongside the exclusive art toys by Chiko & Roko, all exhibited within the shop.Dubai-ftNFT-Store
    In-store activities 

    One might ask what is in a physical NFT store. Well, the ftNFT store has multiple things and offers many services to the customer. Some of the services available are:

    • An Avatar booth, visitors can enter the cabin to quickly create personalized 3D replicas of themselves. That can be used as avatars in virtual worlds and Fastex’s very own FastexVerse, enabling a more profound experience in the metaverse.
    • NFT Merchandise, Visitors can easily print their favorite NFTs onto T-shirts, mugs, or posters basically creating their own merchandise without leaving the store. 
    • A Museum, In addition to the other services the store acts first and foremost as a museum to display numerous NFT art. 

    Why a physical NFT store?

    Everything established by the ftNFT Marketplace has been with the intent to bring forward creative and bright ideas. And allow people to monetize their art while being able to trade with other collections.

    Despite the multitude of layers added to the basic premise of NFTs, Fastex’s physical stores lean more toward educating people. And growing the adoption of NFTs than simply selling goods. 

    This is the reason why the shop’s design resembles museum exhibits rather than everyday retail stores. From the DJ at the entrance to the avatar booth, the ftNFT store aims to entice non-crypto people inside. With the hope of demonstrating the positive impact of NFTs in both the digital and physical worlds first-hand.

    Final Statement: ftNFT store of the future

    The Fastex ecosystem is the operating system for the ft store. It includes products including Fastex Exchange, FastexVerse, Fastex Pay, Fastex Chain, FastToken, and FirstTicket. As a result, the Dubai NFT store owners are able to provide their customers with the required solutions for their needs. In this unique experience, one would expect NFT sales to increase. As people lean more towards trusting things they see in the physical world. Moreover, a second ftNFT store is to open in Dubai mall as well. Would you visit this store? Stay tuned. 


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