Rarible: NFT Marketplace For The Elite

    The NFT space is jammed with NFT Marketplaces of all kinds, each with unique features. There is a high demand for NFTs from old and new collections alike, and people race to claim these NFTs. Whether these NFTs are for personal collection or the purpose of flipping. This is where Rarible comes in to help. It is a unique NFT Marketplace because it has rare and limited-edition NFTs. Which many people are willing to pay high prices for. Let’s dig in. 

    What is Rarible?

    Rarible is a decentralized Marketplace where you can create, buy, and sell digital assets known as NFTs. It operates on the Ethereum Blockchain, which proves to be a transparent and secure platform for creating, trading, and tracking the ownership of NFTs. One of the main features of Rarible is its emphasis on content that is user-generated and its community involvement. 

    The platform allows artists, creators, and collectors to engage directly with their audience, establish a unique brand, and monetize their creations. It also includes social elements, that enable users to follow their favorite artists, receive updates on new releases, and participate in discussions. 

    How To Use Rarible?

    Rarible is very easy to navigate, and using it requires only a few simple steps. Here are the steps you need to follow to start your experience on the platform:

    • Set up a digital wallet: Rarible operates on the Ethereum Blockchain, so you will need a wallet that supports Ethereum to interact with the platform. Some of the popular ones you can use are MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet. The first step you need to do is to download the wallet of your choice and set it up. 

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    • Fund your wallet: A wallet with no funds has no use. After setting up a wallet and creating an account you will need some Ethereum (ETH) to use on Rarible. You can purchase ETH from cryptocurrency exchanges. 
    • Connect your wallet: After creating a wallet and funding it with ETH, you will pay a visit to the Rarible website and connect your wallet to the platform. This will allow you full access to the Marketplace and a way to manage your NFTs. 

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    After choosing a wallet, you will be asked to sign, and then you will be ready to go. 5

    • Browse Rarible: Once your wallet is connected, you can start exploring Rarible with its multiple unique features. And all the available NFTs and NFT collections from various categories. 

    How To Sell NFTs on Rarible?

    Selling NFTs on Rarible is relatively easy and only requires a few steps:

    • Connect your wallet
    • Create your NFT: You need to create an NFT to sell it. Click on your profile in the top right corner then the ‘Create’ button on the Rarible website.


    Then choose if you want to create an NFT, Collection, or even a Marketplace.



    If you want to create an NFT click on the button and follow the instructions by filling in the details for your NFT. rarible

    • Setting a Royalty fee:  This is entirely optional as the Rarible Marketplace allows creators to set a royalty fee, which means you can earn a percentage of future sales whenever your NFT is resold. Moreover, you can add unlockable content such as exclusive files, access to events, or other digital perks for the buyers. 


    • Mint your NFT: After setting all the necessary details, you will need to mint your NFT. Minting is creating a unique token on the Blockchain that represents your digital asset. To complete the minting process, confirm the transaction with your connected wallet.
    • List your NFT for sale: Once your NFT is minted, you can list it for sale on the Rarible Marketplace. Determine the price or auction details, and include any additional information for the buyers. 

    How To Buy NFTs On The Platform?

    • Connect your wallet
    • Browse the Marketplace: Now, you can explore the Rarible Marketplace to discover the NFTs available for sale. You will be able to use various filters, categories, and search options to find NFTs that interest you.
    • Review NFT details: Click on the NFT that interests you to view more details about it. This includes details like title, description, images, or videos linked with the NFT and, of course, the price.


    • Make a purchase: Once you decide on an NFT, you can proceed to the purchase. Click the “Buy Now” button if the NFT has a fixed price, or participate in an auction by placing a bid.


    After completing the purchase, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet associated with your Rarible account. 

    • Interact with the community: Rarible encourages community engagement and interaction. You can follow your favorite artists, leave comments or reviews on NFTs, participate in discussions, and share your collection or interest. 

    How to Make Money With The Marketplace?

    There are many ways to make money on the Rarible Marketplace, and they are:

    • Create and sell unique NFTs: Rabble allows people to mint and sell their NFTs. So, if you have artistic or creative skills, you can create digital artwork, music, videos, or more and tokenize them as NFTs. 
    • Build a powerful brand and following: Creating a strong personal brand and cultivating a loyal following can double your chances of success on Rarible. Create and promote your NFTs, engage with the audience, and participate on the platform consistently. This can attract more buyers and increase the value of your NFTs.
    • Participate in Rarible community events: Rarible occasionally organizes community events, contests, or challenges. Engaging in these events can provide exposure and visibility for your NFTs. Which in return leads to recognition in the community. 
    • Invest in NFTs: Other than creating and selling your own NFT, you can also invest in existing NFTs available on Rarible. Research and assess market trends while looking for promising NFTs that have the potential to increase in value over time. Purchasing NFTs and reselling them at a higher price is a valid way to make money in the NFT marketplace. This process holds the name ‘Flipping.
    • Royalty Earnings: Rarible allows creators to set royalty fees on their NFTs, which means you can earn a percentage of future sales when your NFTs are resold. If your NFT becomes popular, ongoing royalties can provide a passive income stream as others buy and sell your creations.


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