GDragon NFT: Archive Of PeaceMinusOne  

    The NFT world is very random and intriguing. We constantly see celebrities joining the hype and introducing their own collections. And now we are witnessing another famous artist launch an NFT collection. The Kpop Idol and business mogul Gdragron just launched another NFT collection. The Gdragon NFT gets its inspiration from Gdragon’s brand PeaceMinusOne which has a huge spectrum of products and collaborations. The NFT collection is under the name of ‘ ARCHIVE Of PEACEMINUSONE.’ Let’s dig in. 

    Who Is GDragon? 

    Who doesn’t know one of the kings of Kpop? Even if you’re not a Kpop fan you must have seen him on Chanel ad campaigns and runways. Gdragon is the stage name for Kwon Jiyong who is a Kpop Idol and the leader of one of the biggest Kpop groups in the world ‘BigBang.’ 

    GDragon has established himself as a great rapper and leader, and he also has launched himself into the business world. His brand PeaceMinusOne is a global name with various collaborations with globally famous brands such as Nike. Moreover, GDragon is also the first Kpop Idol to become a Chanel brand ambassador in 2017 starring in campaigns alongside big fashion names. 

    GDragon NFT

    GDragon signaled his NFT debut with his BIRTH NFT drop in December 2022. Now, however, the official public sales are in the launch phase. The GDragon NFT collection is titled ‘ARCHIVE OF PEACEMINUSONE’ and features puzzle pieces from paintings that GD himself painted for the peaceminusone brand. Furthermore, the NFT collection was launched in collaboration with Fandom Studio.

    The GDragon NFT collection features 22.4K NFTs and is living on the BNB(Binance) Blockchain debuted on March 22, 2023. The collection is basically a huge jigsaw puzzle that will later be complete in a game where  NFT holders will be able to bond with GD by combining it together.   

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 0.35513133 BNB ($109.48).
    • Market Cap: 15,889 BNB ($4,898,302). 
    • 24H Volume: 6.780713 BNB ($2,090.34).

    Benefits and Utilities 

    Like all NFT collections, a list of benefits and utilities for holders is released promising holders great things such as:

    First Benefit:

    • All holders have the opportunity to win a collaboration product from PEACEMINUSONE! 

    Second Benefit:

    • All holders have the opportunity to win a collaboration product from PEACEMINUSONE! (The gift is a “physical product” and not a raffle ticket, priority access, or purchase ticket for a product.) 
    • FASHION: First utmost priority access of the PMO products sales. 
    • CONCERT:  First utmost priority access of the future GD concerts ticket sales (Required min 8 PMO NFTs including Birth tier). 
    •  First utmost priority access of the future GD concerts S-ticket sales (Required min 18 PMO NFTs including Birth tier).

    Third Benefit:

    • Priority access to the PMO products sales. (30% will be allocated to the Archive Lv1.0 tier, and 60% will be allocated to the Archive Lv2.0 tier holder raffle.)

    Did The GDragon NFT Collection fail?

    Although it’s only been a few days since the public sale launch, there are already speculations that the NFT collection was a failure. As only 20% has been minted. You might ask. So? There is still time, right? WRONG. Well actually not wrong, but someone with GD’s popularity and huge fanbase should’ve sold out his collection in minutes maybe even seconds. 

    Yet there is something the fans are facing which is that the NFTs are expensive and not everyone can afford them and show their support. Moreover, Kpop fans are known for their immense support as sometimes they tend to go overboard. Often you see a single fan buying many of the same products just to show their support for the artist. Yet it is not the case here. Do you think GD made a mistake in launching an NFT collection? Well, only time can tell. You can check out the collection on Opensea


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