GoblinTown Wtf Is Back! Bad NFT Traders Get Ready For Rewards

    GoblinTown Wtf is back again with season 2! The new season marks a new era for the collection and collectors alike. There are serious renovations going on in GoblinTown. And now the mind behind the project Truth Labs is introducing a new concept for season 2.  The new concept promises new ‘jobs’ for the WORST NFT Traders. So, if you are a bad NFT trader apply now for BIG INC. Let’s dig in. 

    GoblinTown Wtf: Season 2

    GoblinTown Wtf made an announcement for a new era.  It all started when GoblinTown released a STAR WARS themed video on Twitter under the title ‘ Chapter 64: Revenge Of The Serious Investor.’ The video states that a McGoblin Burger was demolished and a new company is building on the premises. And the same company is putting up ads for new recruits. This whole campaign is just propaganda for a new season 2 mint. 

    GoblinTown Wtf Season 2 is based on the narrative of Big Inc, a large corporation in the fictional GoblinTown that has brainwashed animals to become its employees. The collection’s artwork features profile pictures (PFP) that depict the animal heads with “super serious” expressions.

    Apply To Big Inc

    Here is how it goes. Working for Big Inc is free (for most people) in fact it is actually free for the first 1000 Worst Traders who sign up. Once the 1000 traders sign up they will have the chance to mint their special Big Inc acceptance letter! 

    Moreover, if you use $PEPE, you can mint for just 0.096 ETH or get 50% off. This makes GoblinTown Wtf the first collection to reward people for using $PEPE. 

    The Mint date is still not revealed and the recruiting at Big Inc is ongoing until the 1000 spots are completely filled. You will have the opportunity for Max 3 per mint during the public sale. And the cool thing about this mint is that influencers are pre-REJECTED. There is no special treatment in this household. 

    So, the only way to get into the new mint is if you previously own a GoblinTown Wtf NFT, an Illuminati Collective NFT, or if you enter the Truth Labs Worst Traders raffle. These are the only ways to get into the season 2 mint.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that there are different types of acceptance letters and according to them your role in Big Inc will be determined. 

    goblintownYou can apply to Big Inc now by filling out the down bad application form. 

    Final Statement  

    Lastly,  the GoblinTown Wtf collection is going all out for this new season mint. We can definitely say that the marketing team truly went all out for season 2. Creating an elaborate story with a whole weird concept of hiring people to mint their own ‘acceptance letter.’ Truly GoblinTown never ceases to amaze us. They even made an Ad for it as well! 

    This marketing campaign is working magic on recruiting new people and attracting new investors to the collection. Along with previous GoblinTown and Illuminati Collective holders, newer investors are becoming more interested in the new season. And we can’t forget the promotion of the $PEPE coin. Which is a bonus for the promotion of the meme coin and the collection. 


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