Gucci Koda Pendant NFT: A Collab With Yuga Labs

    We saw the Gucci X Yuga Labs collab announcement a little while ago, but what we didn’t expect was to see the fruit of the collab so soon. Yet here it is. The Gucci Koda Pendant NFT went on sale and people were all for it! This Gucci and Yuga Labs collaboration was unexpected and although the two are known for having many collaborations with other brands and companies. This still was a huge deal for both Yuga and Gucci. The Koda pendant is the definition of phygital. Let’s check it out. 

    Gucci Koda Pendant NFT 

    The Gucci Koda Pendant NFT is a collab between Gucci and Yuga Labs’ Otherside. If you’re a Yuga Labs fan or just an active member of the NFT community you have probably heard of the Otherside Koda. The Koda are celestial beings that reside in the Otherside Metaverse created by Yuga Labs. 

    The Gucci Koda Pendant NFT is a physical and digital pendant given which is part of the limited edition series of physical Gucci products and corresponding NFTs. It will provide its owner with a branded chat handle in Otherside. And feature visual upgrades for the 3D Avatars in Otherside, such as Trail VFX. 3D Avatars should be available this summer. 

    Moreover, the sale took place on April 6 and continued until 24H had surpassed. The thing is that strangely the collection did not sell out which people might see as weird considering who are the two parties involved in this collaboration. A total of 3,333 items were available for purchase exclusively using Apecoin, Yuga’s cryptocurrency. The price for the item is 450 APE, which is equivalent to $1,926 at the time of writing. To be eligible for purchase the buyer must be an owner of at least one Koda or Vessel NFT. 

    The KodaPendant, an Otherside Relic by Gucci, is a digital and physical piece that represents Gucci’s entry into Otherside. Additionally, it features a Koda-shaped pendant with GG engraving and an interlocking G chain. Each physical KodaPendant will also have a unique edition number engraved on the back.

    The Story

    Otherside has created a full-on story explaining the Gucci Koda Pendant NFT integration into the Metaverse and it is so cool. Let’s check it out: 

    The story talks about a Koda named Blue who embarks on a journey to collect blue shards as they are sacred to the Kodas. 

    “As the vessels descend on Otherside, some of them strike the Obelisk, chipping it. The chips fall to the ground and, because they’re pieces of an object that is sacred to Kodas, Blue walks around Otherside, retrieving them.”

    Blue then proceeds to create a bottle that he hands out to the Otherdeed dweller and voyagers. 

    “To honor and commemorate Otherside’s creation, Blue carves each of these precious chips of Obelisk into a familiar shape: that of the bottle that contained the blue fluid from which Otherside began. Blue offers these spiritual relics to Otherdeed dwellers to remind them of Otherside’s origins.” 

    And this is how Blue comes to meet the strange golden Voyager, who in this case is Gucci. The Voyager suggests a partnership of sorts and thus the Koda Pendant was born.  

    “A mysterious golden Voyager, having witnessed Blue’s creation of the bottles, approaches him and proposes a partnership: if Blue will agree to teach the golden Voyager to master Otherside magic, the Voyager will teach Blue to craft other exquisite items. As a gesture of goodwill, the Voyager presents Blue with the chains from which the bottle relics will hang.”

    Those Kodas Be Drippin’ In Ice 

    The community was very supportive of the Gucci Koda Pendant NFT and everyone was ready to jump in. Except for the fact that the Pendant was not available for everyone. Shipping for the pendant was limited to certain countries which made other potential buyers feel left out. Others were concerned about the fact that the pendant did not sell out while others were calling them out for overreacting. koda pendant reactionkoda pendant twitter

    Overall, one would say that the Koda Pendant is a pretty good investment. And we will have to take the buyers’ word for it.


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