Gucci Joins Forces With Yuga Labs in The Metaverse

    Fashion house Gucci just announced a partnership with Yuga Labs, which means they’ll play a significant role within some of the biggest names in Web3. Think Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Meebits, Otherside Metaverse, and the whole 10KTF ecosystem! Let’s learn more about this high-end alliance!

    The teaser tweet shows a potion of some sort with the Gucci x Yuga Labs tag branding on it.


    Gucci x Yuga Labs

    In detail, the multi-year partnership announced on Monday is meant to “explore the intersection between fashion and entertainment in the Metaverse”.

    And we’re all for it!

    Gucci’s senior executive vice president and chief executive of Gucci Vault & Metaverse Ventures, Robert Triefus, said in a statement: “We are excited to unveil this multifaceted partnership with Yuga Labs, a leader and creative pioneer in web3.”

    And Triefus also told a source that the tie-up is meant to give the fashion label “an active role in Otherside and 10KTF’s continuing narrative.”

    What can we expect? 

    All sorts of new Gucci x Yuga Labs digital fashion items that can be worn in the Metaverse. And these will allow users to showcase their style and creativity in a virtual environment.

    I mean, Yuga Labs are already blue chips in the Web3 dynasty. Imagine what will happen when you unite two blue-blood brands in their respective domains. 

    A force to be reckoned with for sure! 

    Not to mention the engagement that will be born between their respective communities. A nuclear recipe for success.

    A Yuga rep confirmed that the “first chapter” of the tie-up will begin this week. So, any guesses?

    Gucci x 10KTF In The Metaverse

    The Yuga Labs collab isn’t Gucci’s first step into the virtual world. The luxury giant’s first foray into web3 started way before this. 

    Back in March 2022, Gucci collaborated with 10KTF for the iconic Gucci Grail project, and it was led by then Head of Partnerships @lindsayezy.

    In detail, It entailed 10KTF’s “digital artisan,” Wagmi-san, crafting clothing and accessories used to personalize NFTs with the designs of Gucci’s then-creative director, Alessandro Michele.

    Below is Alessandro Michele visiting Wagmi-san in the Gucci Grail promo of last year. 

    Gucci x 10KTF Gucci Grail

    And people were all over it! Gordon Goner even said that it was his “favorite luxury web3 partnership he’d seen”…

    The collection itself was 10KTF-supported PFPs dressed up in Gucci designs, and to say that it turned heads is an understatement!  

    Without a doubt, landing a big luxury brand like Gucci was NOT easy. So, when 10KTF managed it, it was a big deal.

    Now, we have the Gucci Yuga Labs to look forward to!

    Brands Onboarding The Metaverse Plane

    It looks like the smart way for any brand to delve into the Metaverse is not by launching their own project…

    But by collaborating with pre-established names and floating a bigger boat! We believe this is the winning recipe. And Gucci figured this out way ahead of the game!

    Last year, Gucci bought an undisclosed amount of virtual land in The Sandbox to develop and experiment with. They also enabled in-store payments with ApeCoin (An ethereum-based crypto token tied to the Bored Ape ecosystem).

    Not to mention their ongoing Roblox partnership with Gucci Town. It brought in big bucks and even bigger influences! 

    Furthermore, Gucci purchased $25,000 worth of NFT marketplace SuperRare’s native tokens last June. Basically, this was done for the purpose of opening a digital art vault to participate in the DAO.

    And now we have Gucci x Yuga Labs. We predict this to be their most successful collab to this date.  Expectations are over the roof!

    So, will it satisfy our palettes? And what do you expect going forward? 

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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