The Gutter Cats NFT Is Crawling Up! Keep Your Sewers Closed

    Cat NFTs are always a fan favorite. In fact, the OG NFT collection we owe all this madness to was Kryptokitties. A cat-themed NFT collection! And the Gutter Cats NFT is here now to build on this rich and cute legacy! This collection is topping the charts and having investors rush to claim a gutter cat of their own. Along with other perks that come with owning a Gutter Cat NFT, you also get to own a cool PFP. Let’s jump in. 

    Gutter Cats NFTs Purr-tfolio 

    The Gutter Cats are a collection of 3000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain by Gutter Labs. This collection doubles as membership tokens into the Gutter Cat Gang. The Gutter Cat Gang has many collections, but owning a Gutter Cat gets you a premium membership unlocking many unique community-led access and perks. With 1.7k Gutter Cats NFT owners from around the world.

    According to CoinGecko the collection’s numbers & stats go as follows

    • Floor Price: 2.127ETH ($2,644.20)
    • MarketCap: 6.381.0ETH ($7,932,609.60)
    • 24H Volume: 18.3889 ETH

    Other Collections in The Gutter 

    Not only Gutter Cats NFTs but there are other animals in the Gutter as well like :

    If you own any NFT from the above collections, you can shop for cloning juice and then use the clone machine to create a cloned version of your NFT. How cool is that?!

    gutter cats nft

    Furthermore, there are two merchandise lines available fresh from The Gutter : 

    Notable Gutter Cats Gang Achievements

    The Gutter Cats NFT Gang went on to collaborate with 10+ brands, including Puma and many others. Also, back in December, Gutter Labs launched the new Gutter Cats online collector hub. This hub is to serve as an infrastructure to build upon future projects, games, and reward systems in the Gutter ecosystem. Gutter Labs previously partnered with ‘Bored&Hungry’ in November 2022. The Long Beach, California restaurant became ‘Gutter&Hungry’ for the entirety of November. And, all Gutter Cat Gang members were exclusively invited to the opening that took place on November 19. 

    Gutter Cats NFT Future 

    The ‘Gang Gang’ community shared their excitement on Twitter when Gutter Las announced a new unique project. This game project is as cool as it gets! They announced a Gutter Cats Gang arcade collaboration. So, the old arcade you loved as a kid will be available with Gutter Gang designs.

    Back to the Gutters 

    Gutter Cats NFT is proving that coolness lies in owning animal NFTs. This NFT project is crushing the competition. Becoming a notable collection on Opensea, this collection does not know when to stop! Along with Gutter Cats, don’t forget to check out the other Gutter animals’ collections for a chance to enter the membership club of the gutter cat gang, or the ‘Gang Gang’ for short. As we’ve mentioned before, there are many cat NFts available now that it became hard to choose one. But who says you have to choose just one? Stay tuned for more NFT collection reviews. 


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