Habbo Avatars: The Little people of the gaming world

    The iconic 21-year-old game Habbo decided in 2021 to release two NFT collections on Opensea: a genesis collection of Habbo Avatars for use in-game with a selection of in-game perks, and a profile picture collection named Habbo Portraits. Recently, the Habbo Avatars collection has been gaining popularity among NFT investors and gamers. Let’s dig in. 

    What is Habbo?

    Habbo is one of the world’s oldest internet-based games. With over 21 years of history, more than 18,000 unique items created an iconic art style and a rapidly growing list of NFTs. It’s a bustling, vibrant, sandbox-style location in the metaverse with an extremely passionate and active community. The vintage pixel-art style game is basically a virtual community where you can create your avatar, make friends, chat, and many more.

    In fact, some of the core activities in Habbo are: 

    • Trading: the variety of items and complex economy makes in-game trading an extremely popular activity. 
    • Chatting and socializing: this is the bread and butter of Habbo. 
    • Building: the sandbox-style setup and several items to use make building rooms and games an extremely complex and rewarding activity. 

    What are Habbo Avatars?

    Habbo Avatars is the first official NFT collection for Habbo made by Sulake. It consists of 11,600 unique, automatically generated, pixelated avatars that are manually curated by the Habbo art team. The avatars are NFTs and exist on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy Habbo Avatars on Opensea

    There are two Habbo Avatars collections:  

    • Genesis Avatars
    • Master Genesis Avatars( which are not available for minting yet) 

    Master Genesis avatars are a combination of two Genesis Avatars, which results in Master Genesis having double perks. For example, double airdrops. 

    Utility in Habbo (the OG game):

    • Active Habbo Builders Club and Habbo Club membership ($15/month). 
    •  Exclusive looks: no way to replicate them.

    Utility in the Habbo NFT ecosystem:

    • Earn NFT credits: between 10 – 13 per day. 
    • Get airdrops of in-game NFT items usable in Habbo and Habbo X.

    Other Utility 

    • Perks and entry to external metaworlds in which we buy and own land.
    • Merchandise: buy IRL Habbo clothing and get its metaverse equivalent too.

    What is Habbo X?

    Habbo X is an upcoming game from the creators of Habbo Hotel that focuses on community building, interoperability, and play-and-earn mechanics.

    The game is centered around owning rooms, particularly NFT rooms. And as of now Habbo X: Alpha 1 is released and is only available for Habbo Avatars and Habbo X room owners which you can buy here

    Habbo X: Habbo Avatars and Perks

    Your Ethereum wallet is your account in Habbo X. 

    You can use ENS and Nametag as your name. Some names will be blacklisted, however. 

    The default look for all avatars is the same. Additionally, you can change the looks by:

    1. Using your Habbo Avatar. 
    2. Using in-game NFT clothing. 
    3. Owning a collab NFT that unlocks specific, exclusive looks. 

    Furthermore, Habbo Avatars will be in the highest earnings tier in the play-to-earn games in Habbo X.

     Every avatar will include a room that is similar to NFT rooms. If you sell your avatar, you will lose the room associated with the avatar. Genesis Avatars start with a standard room and Master Genesis starts with a large room. You can upgrade them with NFT credits

    All players will have a small demo room where they can test out the room building. These demo rooms cannot be used for play-to-earn games and will have strict limits on the number of other users allowed in concurrently. 

    The game will also implement avatar renting feature where you can rent one from an owner, and enjoy perks in Habbo X. The main reason why you would want to do this is to get the maximum earnings from your playing time.

    Habbo NFT 2023 Roadmap

    • Mint existing Habbo items as NFTs
    • NFT gallery rooms
    • Habbo Avatars gen 2
    • Habbo in the Metaverse
    • Trait editing (the owners will be able to combine two avatars together to create a new one, mixing traits from each of the original Habbo avatars).

    Final Statement: Habbo Avatar’s importance

    Lastly, Habbo Avatars is an extension of the Habbo game and its new release the HabboX. These Avatars are proving to hold a valuable presence in the Habbo ecosystem with all of the privileges and status each avatar unlocks in-game. Moreover, the investment in an avatar in itself will provide immense help to the gamer and it already unlocks special access to the HabboX game way before its official release which will take place later this year.  Stay tuned for more. 


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