Hare Jordan Is Dressing Up to the 6s and 7s This Spring!

We know, this lockdown is taking its toll on all of us. But while you try to find activities to do at home, you better not forget that some of the coolest sneakers are dropping all through spring and summer! Thank god for online drops. However, what we wanna discuss today is very colorful and might just put you in the Eater spirits! Air Jordan 6 and 7 are dressing up as hares, so we might as well call them Hare Jordan 6 and 7.

Hare Jordan 2.0!

Back in 1992, Bugs Bunny starred next to Michael Jordan in a sneaker commercial. Guess what they were? Right you are! With a Hare Jordan 7 on his feet and Air Jordan by his side, Bugs surely taught these bullies a lesson they won’t forget! The OGs from 1992 can be found on resale platforms for as high as $2000 or for an average of $309! But rocking them was more important than flipping them back then, especially with how exclusive Jordans usually are. In 2015 though, the crowds became very happy knowing that they’re getting a retro of the white and multi-colored beast!

Hare Jordan 7 OG & 2015

5 years later, we’re getting a very different version of Hare Jordan 7s. Call it an update, because we’re loving every bit! The uppers consist of a furry grey upper, along with pink on the collar and tongue, and finally a white midsole. All in all, that’s exactly what Bugs Bunny would look like as a pair of kicks! Finally, the outsole is also a nod to the original colorful outsoles. Oh! And a very interesting detail is the OG style code on the side of the new kicks.

Hare Jordan 2.0

Release Date: April 8, 2020
Style Code: CT8529-002
Retail Price: $250
Resale Value: $475+

Air Jordan 6 Is Dressing Up As… A Hare!

Although we can’t hide our excitement about Hare Jordan 2.0, we still love the OG colorway. But apparently, Jordan Brand loves it too! That’s why Air Jordan 6 will don this colorway in 2020. White and grey leather with hints of colors on the tongue and midsole is an unmistakable copy of the OG Hare Jordan 7 colorway! Even the outsole bears a huge similarity to the 7s. All in all, along with AJ6 DMP dropping, it’s shaping up to be a great year for this silhouette, and for the lady sneakerheads!

Although the initial release date was going to be April 11, 2020, it actually changed to become sometime in June 2020!

Hare jordan 6 2020

Release Date: June 2020
Style Code: CT8529-062
Retail Price: $190
Avg. Resale Value: $313

Hop and Cop Hare Jordan!

Although it’s not an amazing year on the big scale of things, life must go on. That’s why the sneaker game is fighting against all odds and outbreaks to survive. And it will, even if in the meantime it exists “online-only”! So get yourself and your bot ready, the battle is only getting stronger! With our Nike bot you’re sure going to increase your chances at a successful Nike cop (or maybe more)!

Hare Jordan That's all folks

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