The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For A Sneakerhead, If You Can’t Afford Sneakers.

    The holiday season just started, and naturally all the shopping started too. It’s one thing to shop for gifts, and a totally different one shopping for a sneakerhead’s gift! This is where we come in and save you the hassle of looking for the perfect gift. Here’s a list of cool holiday gift ideas that will put a smile on any sneakerhead’s face if you can’t afford actual sneakers!

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    Shoe Care Kit

    It’s one of the first -and best- holiday gift ideas tbh. Sneakerheads are famous for their thoroughly taken care of kicks. It would be a shame for any sneakerhead to step out in a dirty pair of kicks right? 

    If you’re on a low budget, this sneaker cleaning and care kit is the perfect gift for you to get!

    Holiday gift ideas sneaker care kit

    Sneaker Crates

    So they have the shoe care kit.. What now? Well don’t worry, you could help them with the storage problem this holiday. Instead of stacking shoe boxes all around, these crates can organize the kicks while also protecting them!

    holiday gift ideas crate

    Sneaker Deodorizers

    Cool kicks are amazing, until they start smelling. That’s pretty anticlimactic for anyone, especially sneakerheads. Well luckily, we’ve got the solution for that!

    These sneaker deodorizers are small enough to fit inside the kicks and keep ‘em as fresh as mint. Also known as the sneaker balls, they are one of the coolest holiday gift ideas because they come in many different designs. 

    holiday gift ideas sneaker balls

    A Sneaker Bot! Duh.

    Bored of getting them sneakers or Supreme tees for every holiday? If you can manage to stretch your budget a bit or someone really close to you is a sneakerhead, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. 

    Why not get them their own sneaker bot so they could get they own sneakers? That way, they’ll remember you whenever they cop successfully. 

    Holiday gift ideas sneaker bot

    The Sneaker Bible

    The holy grail of all sneaker books, the book that can help anyone get started on their sneaker discovery journey. If they don’t already have it, ditch the list of holiday gift ideas and go make that purchase!



    Losing hope because they already have all the things we mentioned? No worries, we still have some tricks up our sleeve. We all need socks to wear underneath our shoes, but good looking shoes are nothing without some kickass socks to go with them! And this doesn’t just go for sneakerheads, but everyone! 

    You can find here a collection funky sock designs that feature donuts, bananas, cats, rock bands and even the holidays! The prices vary between $14 and $16 per pair, so pretty affordable for such cool socks. You can also save yourself the hassle by buying giftboxes!

    holiday gift ideas socks

    Sneaker Posters

    If you feel like one item on this list is not enough, you can always add a cherry on top of the cake. Sneaker posters will do just that for your gift! They can also be standalone gifts, that depends on your preferences.

    No sneakerhead would be sad to have a poster of his favorite sneakers hanging on the wall! Ad starting tomorrow you can exclusively get the 2019 sneaker stack poster

    Holiday gift ideas poster


    After reading our budget friendly list of holiday gift ideas, you should definitely be able to decide what to get a sneakerhead this year! And if you still need some time to think, do it while entertaining yourself with this list of the weirdest Supreme items ever!


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