How to Buy NFTs on OpenSea in 4 Steps

    If you are looking for a detailed and easy-to-understand guide on how to buy NFT on OpenSea, then you are in the right place!

     With simple explanations and additional tips and tricks, this article will help you make the best purchases. While it’s not challenging to buy an NFT on the OpenSea marketplace, there are a few things you need to know about the process. Especially if you want to ensure safe and complete transactions every time.

    So, let’s discover the most amazing NFT collections on OpenSea, find the best wallets, and make buying fun and easy. 

    About OpenSea

    OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace with a current monthly trading volume of $105.5M. This is the best place to mint, sell, purchase, or auction NFTs, and there are many collections from the most famous ones, like BAYC, to less-known artists and creators.

    This platform has strong competition and there are a few marketplaces that can compete with the gas fees, but OpenSea remains the most reputable source for new and well-established NFT projects.

    If you want to make any transactions on OpenSea you will need ETH, a connected wallet, and preferably a chosen Blockchain. You can find and trade many NFTs including art, music, and collectibles, just make sure to do your full research and use good rarity tools to make the best investment choices.

    Blockchains On OpenSea

    OpenSea officially supports eight Blockchains that include the most used Ethereum, then Polygon, Klayton, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, and BNB. This means you can only buy an NFT that is created on those Blockchains and make the transactions on the Marketplace.

    You can browse the collections on OpenSea based on the Blockchain. Just keep in mind that as the platform develops other chains will be supported.

    Even though the Ethereum Blockchain is the most popular and widely used it’s often the most expensive. Mainly because the gas fees are sometimes beyond the price of the token. So, if you want to reduce the fees while purchasing on OpenSea, you should consider other Blockchains. The process might be slightly more complex so stay tuned until the end.

    The prices of the NFTs are usually listed in ETH, so you need to make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet for the token and for the gas fees so the transaction will be complete.

    How to Buy NFTs on OpenSea

    Purchasing NFTs on OpenSea is not hard, but you need a couple of steps completed to make the transaction. Depending on your wallet of choice, the Blockchain you are using, and the NFT itself there will be slight differences. 

    That’s why we’ll cover all the details in this 4-step guide that will make everything easier to understand and allow you to purchase any NFT on OpenSea.

    Step 1 – Connect and Fund Your Wallet

    OpenSea supports various wallets, so you should try the options and choose the one that suits your needs the most. Popular options are MetaMask wallet for the desktop or Coinbase Wallet for mobile use. 

    Supported wallets on OpenSea include:

    • MetaMask
    • Coinbase Wallet
    • TrustWallet
    • ledger
    • Fortmatic/Magic
    • solflare
    • Bitkeep
    • Bitski
    • Core
    • Kaikas
    • MetaMask Mobile
    • OperaTouch
    • WalletConnect
    • Phantom
    • Glow

    The most popular and easy option to use is the MetaMask wallet, as it can be connected to the Marketplace and allow you to purchase NFTs in a couple of clicks. Considering you will need ETH in your wallet for transactions it’s best to fund your MetaMask wallet using platforms like Binance.

    Keep in mind that you can purchase ETH directly on OpenSea. But the fees for fiat to cryptocurrencies are much higher this way. That’s why so many experienced traders use Binance and transfer their ETH to MetaMask.
    meta mask open sea nft

    To create and connect the MetaMask wallet to OpenSea you need to follow these steps:

    1. Download the MetaMask extension on
    2. Create your wallet
    3. Set up your MetaMask account

    Once you have your MetaMask ready to go you need to connect it to OpenSea.You do so by clicking the wallet icon in the top right to buy nft on opensea Then selecting MetaMask from the list.4 Grant the necessary permissions and you are ready for the next step.

    Step 2 – Browse OpenSea

    Once you are done with all the wallet set up you can now continue to the most fun and exciting part of the process which is finding the best NFTs on OpenSea.
    Finding, filtrating, and browsing NFTs on OpenSea is quite easy. You can either enter the name of the NFT collection into the search bar or browse the popular options such as Art, Music, Gaming, Photography, or PFPs.

    You can also choose the preferred Blockchain and explore the options in the trending and top sections. It’s also a good idea to research each NFT you consider buying and use reliable rarity tools to determine the value.

    Step 3 – Buy the NFT or Make an Offer

    Once you’ve found an interesting NFT, you can see a lot of information on the page such as the token standard, price, trading history, and more.

    You will also notice that some NFTs are listed for sale. Specifically where you can click on the “Buy Now” or “Make Offer” button. While other NFTs are auctioned and have a “Make a Bid” button beside them.
    buy now or make offer opensea nft

    You may notice prices are either listed in ETH or WETH. This is an important detail to notice because the WETH or Wrapped WTH is a specialized token you can use in auctions on OpenSea. This wrapped token enables transactions with a time delay and it’s perfect for auctions.

    WETH has the same value as ETH, and you can get it directly on your OpenSea account. On the top right corner is a display for the ETH and WETH balance in your account. You can click on it, and a window will appear allowing you to choose the “Wrap” option.


    Keep in mind that OpenSea also supports other currencies such as SOL, MATIC, and USDC. However, the majority of the NFTs will be listed in ETH or WETH.

    Step 4 – Confirm and Track the NFT Purchase

    Once you are ready to buy the NFT click on the “Buy Now” button and wait for the pop-up window. There you can see the complete checkout, NFT details, and the total price you are going to pay.

    If you want to proceed with the purchase click the “Confirm Checkout” button and OpenSea will send a confirmation request to your MetaMask wallet. In the wallet, you need to review the purchase once again. See if the gas fees are reasonable. Once you are satisfied click on the “Confirm” option in your MetaMask.
    opensea checkout page nft

    Depending on the network and the gas fees, you can expect the transaction to be complete in a matter of minutes. If MetaMask doesn’t automatically show the transaction and the token in your wallet you can use Etherscan to track the transaction and see if it’s pending or complete.

    Because of scams and rug pulls in the NFT world you should purchase only the verified NFT projects that have a blue check mark. In any case, you can do your detailed research before buying anything. 

    How to Buy NFTs on OpenSea on Other Blockchains?

    As mentioned before, you can purchase the NFTs on the other Blockchains on OpenSea. However, the process has a few additional steps.

    To be able to use another Blockchain on OpenSea you will need a wallet belonging to that Blockchain. You can download it and set it up on the official website. This wallet needs to be connected to MetaMask and you should be able to switch any ERC tokens that you want to the other chain and use those tokens on OpenSea.

    switch chain

    To use your ETH on the other chain you need to go to OpenSea. Click on the wallet icon in the top right, and find your ETH amount. You will see an option for “Switch Chain” and you can use it to switch to any other Blockchain available.

    The process of converting might take a couple of minutes so you need to be patient. 

    Final Thoughts

    OpenSea is the number one Marketplace for a reason. There are thousands of NFTs to explore, the connection with MetaMask and other wallets works perfectly, and the transactions are very easy most of the time.

    With our detailed guide, you now know how to connect your wallet, find the right project and make the purchase. We even covered the other Blockchains and made a clear difference between different purchasing options on OpenSea.

    Keep in mind that you need to do thorough research before purchasing any NFT and always use reputable sources and rarity tools for your next purchase.


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