How to Create and Manage Your MetaMask Account? NFT Version

    With over 30 million users all over the world, MetaMask is the decentralized platform you need to know more about. So, if you are looking for the best and the most detailed guide on how to create a MetaMask account, manage your cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and connect your wallets you are in the right place.

    We have all the information you need and it will help you set up your MetaMask account in minutes. 

    Let’s dive right in!

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    What Is Metamask?

    MetaMask is one of the most popular and free browser extensions on the web that allows you to send and receive coins and tokens such as NFTs from your cryptocurrency wallets or use one of many apps supported on the Ethereum blockchain.

    In addition, Android and iOS users can download the app and use the platform on their smartphones, even though the extension for Safari is still not available. On the other hand, mobile users can see their NFT collectibles on the app while browser users still can’t.

    With MetaMask you can:

    • Buy, store, send and swap tokens and NFTs
    • Explore the supported blockchain apps including OpenSea if you are an NFT enthusiast
    • Secure and manage the shared information and data

    Considering how popular the cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens have become, this platform is one of the best places for new users to safely explore the Web3, Ethereum blockchain, and NFT collections.
    The MetaMask platform provides easy-to-use and secure ways to connect and use the decentralized web.


    How to Create a Metamask Account?

    MetaMask sign-up and the steps to creating an account are very easy to follow.
    The platform has an amazing UI and it’s simple to navigate even if you are just getting started. If you want to create and manage your account on MetaMask here are the steps you need to follow:


    Download Metamask Extension

    MetaMask is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, but even if you are an iOS user you can still download the app for your phone considering Safari is not on the list. Most users prefer the Chrome extension, as it’s one of the popular options, but the process is the same for all browsers.

    To download the extension simply click the “Download Now” button and select the browser you want. Install metamask for your browser

    Create New Metamask Wallet

    Once you are done with the installation of the extension you can choose to import your existing wallet or create a new one. 

    If you want to create a new MetaMask wallet there are a few steps you need to follow:

    1. Click on the “Create a Wallet” buttonNew to metamask setup

    2. Select which data you are willing to share with MetaMask and click “I Agree”

    3. Create and confirm your MetaMask passwordlogin-into-matamask

    4. Remember your recovery phraseRemember your code


    Set Up Your Metamask Account

    Once you are all done with the initial creation of your MetaMask account you can move on to optimization and personalization of your wallet and dashboard. 

    MetaMask dash is easy to navigate and all the options you need to send, receive, buy or swap crypto will be available right away. In addition, you can now buy and store your NFTs on the platform. 

    You can set up a few more parameters to make your MetaMask account even better by clicking “Settings” in the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

    Balance eth metamask

    In the settings you can manage:

    • Currency conversion
    • Primary currency (ETH or Fiat)
    • Current language
    • Sync with mobile
    • Reset the account 
    • Advanced gas controls

    You can create multiple accounts and import new wallets on MetaMask, and it’s all conveniently stored in the same location for easy access.


    MetaMask Account Details

    If you want to send some tokens to your MetaMask account and wallet you need your exact address. This can easily be found if you click on the three dots on the MetaMask dashboard and select “Account Details”.

    Cont account eth

    MetaMask will open a pop-up window with all the information you need to be able to receive ER20 tokens or ETH-based tokens. You can either scan the generated QR code with your smart device or copy and paste the wallet address.

    This is also a great opportunity to personalize your account even more by editing the name and changing the “Account 1” phrase to anything you want and differentiate multiple accounts you might have.


    Add Tokens on MetaMask

    Considering the MetaMask platform is Ethereum based this will be automatically supported, but you can always add other tokens on your dashboard for easy access

    All you have to do is click on the “Import Tokens” and search for the token you want. Keep in mind that some scammers will use the same name and picture for some tokens, and make sure you are selecting the verified and secure ones.

    Even though MetaMask is completely decentralized they use multiple sites to confirm the coins and their legitimacy.

    important Tokens into metamask


    How to Buy Cryptocurrency on MetaMask?

    MetaMask users can easily buy cryptocurrencies using the third-party apps available on the platform. There is no need for additional connection, all you have to do is choose the app you want and make the purchase.

    The list of the supported apps is constantly growing, but for now, you can use:

    • Transak
    • MoonPay
    • Wyre
    • Direct Deposit ETH

    Keep in mind that each app has its fee structure, and on top of that you will have to pay the network fee. Before any transaction, you will be able to see the estimated amount you will pay, and the amount of all fees combined, as well as the tokens you are going to


    How To Purchase NFTs via MetaMask?

    Users on MetaMask are now able to purchase the NTFs on OpenSea using their MetaMask wallet. If you are looking for a way to buy an NFT with your MetaMask simply go to your OpenSea account and add your MetaMask wallet.

    Once the two platforms are connected you can bid on and purchase any available NFT and the price will be deducted from your MetaMask balance.


    Can You Store NFTs on MetaMask?

    Yes, you can store your collectibles or NFTs on MetaMask.
    Keep in mind though that users are not able to see the purchased and owned NFT collections on the browser extension, and should use the mobile app instead. The easiest way to see your NFTs on the app is to turn on the NFT autodetect feature.

    You can add the NFTs you own manually by clicking on the NFT tab in the MetaMask app, and then tapping on the ‘+ ADD NFTs’. You need to copy and paste the NFT’s ID from the OpenSea platform, but all the information you need can be found under the “Details” tab on your OpenSea collections.


    How to Swap Cryptocurrency on MetaMask?

    MetaMask is one of the most popular ways to trade or swap one Ethereum-based token for another. One of the reasons why so many people now use MetaMask is because of added and supported exchanges they now have collaboration with.

    This means MetaMask will look into various decentralized exchanges and find the best price for your swap in a matter of seconds. This is a great option if you want to trade anonymously, but keep in mind that the fees included are usually higher than those in centralized exchanges.

    To swap the tokens all you have to do is:

    1. Click on the “Swap” option on the MetaMask dashboard
    2. Choose the tokens to swap from and to
    3. In the advanced settings, you can choose the slippage tolerance
    4. Click “Review Swap” and wait for the best result MetaMask can find
    5. If you want to proceed with the purchase simply click “Swap”swap toke


    How to Send Cryptocurrency on MetaMask?

    If you want to send some ETH-based tokens and NFTs with MetaMask you can simply find the “Send” button on your dashboard and follow the steps explained. 

    You can either add the address of the wallet or scan the QR code with your smart device to send the tokens to the right location.

    Because the wallet addresses are quite complex, it’s always a good idea to add a few friends to the contact list on MetaMask and ensure the tokens are always sent to the right address. In case you make even the slightest mistake in one of the letters or numbers in the wallet address your transaction might fail and you will lose the coins you’ve sent.

    MetaMask also offers a variety of speeds to process the transaction, but keep in mind that higher speeds always cost more. You can use sites such as Ethereum Gas Station and Ethereum Gas Tracker to find the optimal prices you should pay for gas and ETH transactions.

    Remember that you are also able to send NFTs with MetaMask, just use your MetaMask app for mobile devices and find your collections. There you can see all the NFTs you have and simply find the “Send” option at the bottom of each collectible. Enter the right public address and send your NFTs, but ensure you have enough gas money on your account to cover the transaction.


    Connecting External Wallets into MetaMask

    Storing your cryptocurrencies in an offline wallet is one of the best ways to keep them safe and private. But, if you want to securely connect your hardware wallet to your MetaMask account you can do it in a couple of steps.

    There are a few hardware wallets supported automatically such as:

    Each wallet comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow and will allow you to safely manage your cryptocurrencies on the MetaMask platform and your offline wallet as well.

    select from list hardware wallet


    Final Thoughts on MetaMask

    MetaMask extension and app is one of the best and easiest ways to manage your ETH-based tokens, and NFTs, and explore the blockchain. It’s not surprising that this platform is becoming more popular as they constantly improve service and offer amazing upgrades and collaborations.

    With the new MetaMask coin launch in the February of 2022, this Web3 sensation became even more interesting for investors and crypto-enthusiasts all over the world. It’s also announced that the team is working on improving the experience for NFT collectors on the browser extension, so make sure to come back for any updates.



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