How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects

    Keeping up with the ever-expanding NFT universe can be challenging and many people wonder how to find the best upcoming NFT projects and get their hands on collections even before they become famous.

    With so many creators on the market and various platforms to consider it’s overwhelming to research all the potential projects you might like.

    This is why we composed a detailed guide that will help you find, research, and decide if the NFT project is worth the hype. Considering even the most popular projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club had to start somewhere and now they are worth millions, it’s a good idea to keep up with trends and make smart investments.

    Why Should You Find Upcoming NFT Projects?

    You might have heard about popular NFT projects such as SandBox and wonder why you should look for another collection when there are so many established ones on the market. While it’s great and very lucrative to own any popular NFT in your wallet, it’s not the best investment opportunity for many.


    NFT projects that have been there for a while are extremely wanted and thus very expensive for most crypto enthusiasts. With some NFT collections that are worth millions of dollars, it’s less likely you have the budget for the most popular CryptoKitty.

    On the other hand, with so many new artists and creators there are always new NFT projects to keep an eye on, purchase at reasonable prices, and resell on secondary markets for a considerable profit.

    This is why finding new and upcoming NFT projects might be your ticket into this Web3 universe and one of the best ways to spend less money when purchasing valuable and rare NFTs.

    How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects?

    NFT or non-fungible tokens are relatively new and many people get overwhelmed with the amount of information found online. That’s why you need to be selective and focus your attention on reliable sources and research each NFT project as you look for the best investment opportunities.

    Here are a couple of suggestions and a step-by-step guide on how to find the next best NFT project:

    Social Media Channels

    Social media channels are the best and easiest way to stay in the loop and find the new NFT projects others might be interested in. New creators, artists, and teams always make sure to gain supporters online before minting the NFT and create a buzz that will increase sales.
    showing social media icons on phone

    The best and most engaging platforms to discover NFT projects are:


    Twitter is one of the most popular platforms to find, research, and follow new NFT projects and trends. Considering they allow external linking you can easily find the official website of the NFT project you think is worth your attention.

    It’s also good to follow mentions and trends, to discover new users and artists that might get endorsed by bigger companies.


    If you want to take one step further and find the community behind every NFT project you should try your luck with the Discord App. This is the highest-ranking and invite-only platform many crypto and NFT enthusiasts use to share experiences, build communities and discover new and upcoming projects.

    Discord is a place to meet like-minded people and get the best information first-hand. It’s also a valid way to check a project and discover how many supporters, not just bots, they really have.


    YouTube is packed with reliable and creative channels that follow and research new NFT projects.

    Once you start following some famous names in the NFT community on YouTube you will soon discover new content creators who have amazing insights and even better recommendations for upcoming projects you should consider.


    Marketplaces might remind you of lucrative purchases and high-priced NFT items, but some are also amazing spots for finding new projects.

    Depending on the popularity and development of each platform, a few that we will mention should be more than enough to get familiar with reliable and reputable new projects.


    The largest NFT exchange, OpenSea, ranks projects on Ethereum, Klaytn, and Polygon based on trade volumes. It also shows the floor price of each project, the number of unique owners, and the total quantity of items in the collection.

    OpenSea also allows you to find rankings and activity and considering it’s the number one marketplace for NFTs it’s also the best place to find reputable and new NFT projects.


    Like OpenSea, Binance is one of the most popular platforms for trading crypto and it’s also a great insight into daily trading volume. The market fees are notoriously low and many users love the simple and easy-to-use app that allows you a better overview of new projects and trends.

    Rarible App

    Rarible is one more fantastic NFT platform to follow trends and find new and exciting projects.

    It’s easy to use and you can connect your MetaMask wallet in a couple of clicks, on the other hand, it might have higher fees but great ranking tools and ways to discover new NFTs.

    NFT Calendar

    NFT calendar is one of the most popular tools experienced and new crypto enthusiasts use to discover new NFT drops and announcements.

    This platform also became a sort of advertisement tool for the NFT creators, so if you follow the trends and the home page frequently you can get the latest news and updates on NFT projects. From there on you should always research the team and the entire project before making any decisions or investments.

    Tips for Finding the Best NFTs

    Now that you are familiar with new terminology and know where to look for upcoming NFT projects you might be wondering how to choose the best one and dedicate more time to investigating it.

    While there have been a few NFT scams in the past, there are also some true and tried methods you can use to find out if a project is legit.

    Here are a couple of things to consider:

    • Official website quality
    • Art quality and background story
    • The artist and development team
    • Community on all channels and engagement
    • NFT rarity
    • High trading volumes
    • The current price of the NFT
    • Road map of the project

    High-quality and potentially valuable collections have massive following and buzz on all social networks and create engaging online communities even before minting. So, if you are interested in a new NFT project make sure to check their official website, links, and most importantly engagement and the roadmap.

    This can tell you a lot about the NFT project and how serious the development and future plans really are.

    This is also a good way to find out about upcoming events, airdrops, DAO information, utility and so much more. So, do your research and combine all the mentioned methods to find and invest in new NFT projects that you can later sell for a profit.


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