How To Sell An NFT Like A Pro

    The NFT space is vast, and one must be fully equipped to get the full experience. Trading NFTs is a risky business, but if the user gains the right knowledge, he or she may be making the best investment of their life. Hence, multiple questions arise when you first enter the NFT business. The main questions that arise are how to buy an NFT and how to sell an NFT. Let’s dig in. 

    How To Sell An NFT?

    Knowing how to sell an NFT is a must in the NFT space. Many users join the space to be able to invest properly in NFTs. Selling an NFT means creating a digital asset. It is usually connected to digital art, collectibles, music, or other unique digital items. Later this digital asset is listed on a Blockchain-based NFT Marketplace. Check out these general steps to selling NFTs:

    Create Or Obtain An NFT

    The first thing you would need is an NFT. You can create a digital asset, which you can tokenize as an NFT. Or you can simply purchase a pre-made NFT and resell it. A digital asset can be in the form of art, music, videos, and more. 

    Choose A Blockchain Platform

    The next thing is selecting a Blockchain platform that supports NFTs. For example, Ethereum was one of the first platforms and is currently among the most popular choices. There are other platforms like Binance, Flow, Polygon, and more. 

    Set Up A Crypto Wallet

    The most important step is having a Crypto wallet that supports your chosen Blockchain. A Crypto wallet is where you store your Cryptocurrency and where your NFTs are stored. Popular wallet choices are MetaMask and Trust Wallet

    Acquire The Necessary Cryptocurrency

    Different Blockchains require different Cryptocurrencies to cover the transaction fees and mint NFTs. For Example, for Ethereum one would need ETH. 

    Mint The NFT

    When someone mints NFTs it means the process of creating a unique NFT token on the Blockchain. This process involves attaching metadata (description, artwork file, etc.) to the token. 

    Choose An NFT Marketplace:

    Research and select an NFT marketplace where you can list your NFTs. There are popular Marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and more. Be careful as each platform has its own rules, fees, and user base. 

    Create A Listing

    Sign up on the chosen NFT Marketplace and follow the instructions to create a listing for your NFT. This involves providing all the information about the NFT like uploading the associated digital file, setting a price, and choosing how you want to sell it (auction or fixed price). 

    Pay Listing Fees

    Most NFT marketplaces charge a listing fee or a gas fee to cover the cost of placing the NFT on the Blockchain so be careful and check the amount before listing the NFT. Paying these fees is in Cryptocurrency. 

    Promote Your NFT

    To sell your NFTs, marketing is essential. Share your NFT listing on your social media accounts to attract potential buyers

    Manage Transactions 

    If you choose to list your NFT at an auction, you need to manage the bids and communicate well with the potential buyers. If you choose to list it at a fixed price, buyers will be able to purchase directly. 

    Transfer Ownership 

    When a user buys your NFT, the platform will guide you through the process of transferring ownership to the new buyer. This process involves confirming the transaction and paying a small transaction fee.

    Withdraw Your Earnings

    After the sale is finalized, you can proceed to withdraw your earnings from the NFT platform and into your Crypto wallet

    Final Statement 

    Lastly, finding out how to sell an NFT is relatively easy. And with just a few steps the transaction is successful clearly and with no problems. Make sure to pick the right platform that protects your rights as an artist and as a seller. Furthermore, the NFT business is risky and requires a lot of preparation and studying. So, be careful not to make hasty decisions regarding the selling of your NFTs. 


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