Step By step guide On How to sell NFTs on Instagram

    The NFT game just became a cross-social media thing and is not limited to certain platforms anymore. You can now sell NFTs anywhere and some platforms actually encourage selling NFTs by offering easier and smoother ways to do so. The NFT wave hit Instagram a while back ad now you can sell NFTs on Instagram. Let’s start the explaining. 

    What is an Instagram NFT? 

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets, such as an image, artwork, a song, or a video. Early last year Meta, the parent company of Instagram, launched its very first NFT marketplace to share and buy these digital assets. It is no secret that Instagram has a large audience and being able to buy, sell, and even display your NFTs is a huge flex. I guess Meta is joining in on the NFT train after all. Some people are even using their Instagram posts as NFTs and are selling them. This just proves that anything could be considered an NFT. 

    How To Sell NFTs On Instagram?

    To sell NFTs on Instagram you would first need to own an NFT and have a digital wallet account set up. The great thing is that Instagram would not be charging any fees for posting or sharing digital assets on Facebook or Instagram as of now. 

    Step 1: Connect a digital wallet to Instagram which supports Polygon

    To sell NFTs on Instagram the first thing you need is a digital wallet and a Business or Creator Account. And there are many options for digital wallets nowadays but you need to be careful which one you choose because Instagram only accepts a certain few wallets. 

    Digital wallets are apps that allow you to send and receive electronic transactions with other people and companies. You can store both fungible assets (cryptocurrencies|) and non-fungible assets (NFTs). 

    Instagram support posted a table of the digital wallets that are supported on Instagram.

    Digital Wallet  Supported platforms
    MetaMask iPhone, Android, and Computer(connect wallet only)
    Dapper iPhone, Android, and Computer(connect wallet only)
    Coinbase Wallet iPhone, Android, and Computer(connect wallet only)
    Rainbow iPhone and Android
    Trust Wallet iPhone and Android
    Phantom iPhone and Android

    Furthermore, Instagram currently supports Ethereum, Solana, polygon, and flow blockchains. But only the Polygon network is currently supported for selling and minting digital collectibles. 

    Once you’ve selected your digital wallet >>Log into Instagram>profile> select the 3 tabs bar on the right> Digital collectibles > to connect your digital wallet. 

    sell nfts on instagram

    nfts on instagram

    Select’ connect wallet’ and steps will appear and take you through how to connect and which wallet to choose from. Furthermore, you will then be asked to verify your wallet and a signature and you would be good to go to sell NFTs on Instagram. 

    Step 2: Create a Collectible Collection

    Currently, you can only sell collectibles created on Instagram. 

    • You need to have Enabled the 2-factor authentication with a phone number. 
    • Tap [+] to create a post or choose a photo to upload.
    • You need to meet the Instagram terms of use and Digital Collectible Terms of use.
    • Enter a name and description for your NFT, and the quantity you want to create (it will be capped at a maximum of 100).
    • Enter a name and description for your collection and choose your resale commission (royalties are set at 5% by default, but you can increase that number).
    • Optionally, you can add other images to your collection.

    Step 3: Set up a listing for your digital collectible

    Before you start to sell NFTs on Instagram and after creating your collection you need to have a listing and pricing for your NFTs and in order to do so you need to:

    • Tap price per collectible and enter a price you can add a price up to a max of $999.99.
    • Tap Done.
    • Review your listing and digital wallet and tap Next.
    • Tap Send Review.

    After you submit your listing it will be sent for review. Most reviews take a few minutes but it can take up to 48 hours. 

    • You will receive a notification when your listing is ready to share. 

    Step 4: Share your listing on Instagram and activate your sale

    Your sale will be activated when you share your listing on Instagram. You can access your listing by clicking the Digital collectibles section in the app and then tapping Your listings. You can also click on the notification you receive when your listing is ready to share and you can start selling NFTs on Instagram.   

    To share the collection:

    • Tap the listing you want to share.
    • Tap Share to feed.
    • Enter a description. Tap Share.

    To share individual digital collectibles:

    • Select the image you would like to use as a digital collectible.
    • Tap Share to feed.
    • Enter a description. Tap Share.


    Selling NFTs has never been easier. You can invest while checking up on your Instagram feed and sending lame reels to your friends. This move was very successful and already many artists are selling NFTs on instagram and making a ton of profit. So, if you’re looking for a platform to sell your nfts but you don’t want a ‘serious commitment’ type of platform try to sell NFTs on Instagram. Stay tuned for more Guides. 


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