How to View Your NFTs on MetaMask!

    To be able to purchase and trade NFTs, one must own an NFT wallet. Wallets come in all shapes and sizes, and they offer a wide range of features and services that make users adapt to the NFT lifestyle. One of the most popular NFT wallets is MetaMask. MetaMask works across many Blockchain networks to offer the best service for users in the NFT communities. Now, we know that there’s a question roaming around your head, and you’re wondering how and where you can view your NFTs using MetaMask. You can find the answer in this full guide. Let’s dig in! 

    What Is MetaMask?

    The software cryptocurrency and NFT wallet dubbed “MetaMask” is used to communicate directly with the Ethereum network. Users can either utilize a browser extension or a mobile app to access their NFT wallet. A user can also use it to connect with decentralized applications. ConsenSys Software Inc., a blockchain software firm that specializes in Ethereum-based infrastructure and tools, is the company behind MetaMask. 

    Set Up Your Wallet

    Adding the MetaMask extension on your web browser—whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Opera—should be your first step. This is easily done by going to MetaMask’s website and clicking on the download button. The next step is to click “Create a wallet”; yes, it’s that simple.  To move on to the next step, you must select whether you agree or disagree with sharing the feedback at this point.


    You must now create a password for your wallet, just like you would for any other online activity. Although you can quickly recover your password if it gets lost, it is still a good idea to keep it in a secure location. You will then be required to generate a 12-word secret recovery phrase as an additional measure of security. 

    This makes it possible for any user who has it to access the wallet. Keep in mind that without these 12 words, you cannot retrieve your wallet. Additionally, you can always make multiple copies of your phrase and even keep it in a durable metal wallet. Those 12 words are a huge deal. Don’t share them with anyone!


    How to View  Your NFTs 

    First of all, you need to know that the mobile version of MetaMask is more updated than the web extension. NFTs cannot currently be seen natively in the UI, but you can add them as custom tokens in the extension. Under the NFT tab, NFTs are present. Please keep in mind that some NFTs might not display properly or may not display at all on the mobile app. Enabling the app’s NFT autodetect option is the simplest approach to seeing your NFTs.

    If the above doesn’t work, Here is a manual step-by-step guide.

    • Locate the address of the NFT.

    Let’s take OpenSea as an example. On the NFT’s page in the Details tab, there is a blue hyperlink code under “Contract Address” that you can click on. The contract address is a long chain of letters and numbers. If you click on this, it will direct you to the contract’s address on Etherscan. This is the location of the contract that goes back to your NFT. You can copy an address by right-clicking and selecting “copy.”

    • Import the NFT

    Click the “NFTs” tab in MetaMask Mobile, then scroll down and click the “Import NFTs” link.

    import nfts metamask

    • Locate the NFT’s ID.

    Since no two NFTs are identical, a collectible’s ID serves as a distinctive identification. Once more, this number is available under “Details” on OpenSea. You can find it under the name “Token ID.” Write it down or paste it onto your clipboard.

    • View your NFT!

    Your NFTs should show up under the NFTs tab in MetaMask Mobile when you paste the Address and ID into the respective boxes and hit the “Import” button.

    MetaMask Is Safe!

    The primary purpose, when MetaMask’s team of developers began building the wallet’s characteristics and operations in 2016, was to make it simpler,  dependable, and secure to access the Ethereum Blockchain. So far, it has successfully achieved this goal by a substantial margin.

    Many users consider MetaMask to be one of the safest and most popular crypto wallets. However, the user’s device and responsibilities are largely responsible for its security. You must always keep the seed phrase or password for the wallet private. Other than that, MetaMask has a strong developer community that frequently updates and enhances its open-source technology. Make sure you know all the important tips on securing your metamask wallet.


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