Hugo Boss Goes Phygital With New Metaverse Baseball Caps

    It’s official, German fashion house Hugo Boss is coming out with their very own phygital baseball caps in the Metaverse. Will your avatar sport one?

    Back in November 2022, Hugo Boss released an NFT collection called “Embrace Your Emotions” in collaboration with Metaverse character provider Imaginary Ones.

    In detail, the collection aimed to support mental health programs for young people. And it was made up of 1,001 3D avatars (Each portraying a different sentiment) paired with physical T-shirts and a QR code that redirects users to a Snapchat Lens for a unique effect.


    Now, they’re back with this new concept. So, let’s learn more!

    Hugo Boss Goes Phygital: NFC-Tagged Baseball Caps

    The famous fashion brand will now add NFC tags to a range of baseball caps and hoodies. 

    Wait, what are NFC tags?

    Adding an NFC tag to an object connects it to the digital world. In this case it will make the physical Hugo Boss apparel phygital!

    In detail, implementing NFC allows fashion brands to track their products around the world, ensure their authenticity, and create a direct two-way communication channel with consumers via their smartphone NFC reader.

    Basically, NFC tags have helped marketers and retailers all over the world create interactive experiences for their target customers.

    Utility of the Phygital Hugo Boss Items

    Users will subsequently make a full-body 3D avatar on the “Ready Player Me” Metaverse platform by taking a selfie and using it as a character in its virtual world.

    In case you’re not familiar with it, “Ready Player Me” platform is described as a “cross-game avatar platform for the builders, creators, and residents of the metaverse”.

    It’s worth noting that these avatars can be used in over 3,000 virtual games and platforms, meaning that Hugo Boss can reach a broad audience of gaming fans and tech enthusiasts.

    And these tags on the physical items will allow buyers to create NFT digital replicas and use them to dress their Metaverse avatars in style.

    The Takeaway

    Although the Hugo Boss phygital release isn’t the brand’s first Web3 move, it’s high time the apparel giant does something new to reach further into the digital world.

    SO many brands are expanding into the Metaverse. No one wants to miss the hype. Just last week, Mastercard revealed its very own music Web3 venture. And Adidas has been on its ‘Into The Metaverse‘ journey for quite some time now. 

    However, I can’t help but notice the lack of innovative and fresh ideas in the space. Will we see some new ideas in the future? 

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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