HUGO Imaginary Ones: NFTs Raising Mental Health Awareness

    Even though the market is in bear season, NFT collections are still dropping hard and major brands are taking interest in the Web3 phenomenon. The German renowned fashion brand Hugo Boss is another major brand to board the Web3 ship. The company announced on October 4 the partnership with the NFT collection, Imaginary Ones. The collaboration will produce HUGO Imaginary Ones NFT collection as well as a 360-degree Metaverse experience. This step into the Web3 scene plays a major role in the HUGO brand refresh for 2022. 

    The Hugo Imaginary Ones collection dropped this November as a mental health awareness campaign that promotes the expression of emotions. 

    Imaginary Ones NFTs

    Imaginary Ones

    The Imaginary Ones NFT collection has been gathering major hype before even its launch in April. The collection consists of 8,888 unique and bubbly NFTs. Each NFT is a 3D animated character full of radiance and vibrant colors. The body of each character consists of balloons with more than 100 color schemes to choose from. The balloons are an ode to early childhood years, where dreams and creativity were limitless.  

    The collection is reminiscent of childhood ambitions, imagination, and aspirations. The Imaginary Ones’ motto is “Good vibes only”. The collection’s aim is to spread positivity and provide a different perspective to the world around us. 

    Since its launch, the collection has witnessed major spikes and downfalls in floor price. However, it secured until now 13,000+ETH on Opensea with a floor price of 0.52ETH. The HUGO Imaginary Ones NFT collection will surely aid the Web3 company in topping the charts again. 

    HUGO Imaginary Ones NFTs: EYE Collection

    HUGO x Imaginary Ones

    The collaboration between HUGO and Imaginary Ones will result in a collection with mental health awareness themes. The EYE, ‘Embrace Your Emotions’, is a collection of 1,001 3D animated NFTs. The collection’s aim is to spread awareness of how much important it is to embrace and accept each emotion. Whether negative or positive, each emotion should be experienced fully and proudly. The full experience and freedom of letting out emotions can improve mental health and overall well-being. 

    1,001 NFTs and Mental Health

    Out of the 1,001 3D animated NFTs, 5 of them will represent the emotions we experience every day. Joy and Love will represent positive emotions, while fear, sadness, and anger represent negative emotions. On October 10, to celebrate World Mental Health Day, an additional sixth NFT character combining all 5 emotions was up for auction. All proceedings from the auction will go to Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM). Moreover, the program also brought in young people aged 13 to 17 to discuss mental health topics. 

    The HUGO Imaginary Ones collection is currently 1,000 3D gumball-like NFTs, spinning around and waiting for the final reveal. As of November 1, the collection is fully minted

    1000 Allow lists

    Hugo x IO Love

    There are a total of 1000 allow lists that provide access to the HUGO Imaginary Ones NFTs. The spots are divided into half; 500 spots will go to people who claim their HUGO phygital T-shirt. 500 limited edition T-shirts will be available to purchase with a QR code for a Snapchat Lens that will let users wear the shirt in augmented reality. The other 500 spots will go to holders of the Imaginary Ones NFT collection. 

    What to Expect

    Owning a HUGO Imaginary Ones NFT will grant you a 10% discount in the HUGO online store. Moreover, the holders of the NFT will get access to the Imaginary Ones’ staking ecosystem. This means they will get access to extra special merchandise including HUGO wearables.

    HUGO Imaginary Ones NFTs: The Future of Web3 Brands?

    Lately, brands are paving their way into everything Web3-related. HUGO is just another major brand that wants to solidify its Web3 presence by getting into NFTs and dipping its toes into the Metaverse. The Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at HUGO claimed, “The metaverse is an exciting new space for fashion brands, one that is rich with potential for HUGO.” 

    Brands are not caring whether the NFT market is going into its lowest days. The strategy, perhaps, is to elevate the market through their contribution. Meanwhile, HUGO and Imaginary Ones will work on ways to further explore their partnership and provide more value to their community. 

    Read about the top 5 brands making their way into Web3. 


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