InterContinental NFTs: Hotel Chain Giant Releases Collection

    InterContinental Hotels collaborated with British contemporary artist Claire Luxton and launched their first collection of 10 exclusive Intercontinental NFTs in the metaverse with exclusive luxury travel benefits IRL. Let me give you the scoop!

    A lot of major companies are stepping into the metaverse as of late, and this is mainly due to the increasing popular demand for NFTs by Web3 enthusiasts. Not to mention that this business is boosting sales and proving to be an altogether lucrative venture. Just check out how Renault intends to save millions of dollars through its metaverse roadmap.

    Moreover, British Artist Claire Luxton said: “Given the established relationship I’ve built with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, it was only natural to collaborate. The brand’s ability to transcend a multitude of cultures is inspiring and the project has let me transform my original work for InterContinental into contemporary digital artworks.”

    In addition, Tom Rowntree, VP of global marketing of IHG Hotels & Resorts, added on the InterContinental NFT Collection, “This collaboration enables a unique experience that encapsulates the forward-thinking approach of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.”

    This InterContinental Group venture gives us flashbacks to what Etihad Airways did when they sold elite status at a discount bundled with an NFT. However, we sure hope that this membership-type NFT doesn’t flop as the latter did. Fingers Crossed! 

    InterContinental Hotels NFTs

    Not one to miss the trend, the leading hotels and resorts chain will release 10 InterContinental NFTs. Each of them will feature artwork inspired by global travel using Claire Luxton’s signature “flora and fauna” style. This unique artistic approach uses a style and color palette in reference to plants and animals.  

    In brief, the NFTs pay homage to key landmark Intercontinental properties. Basically, the artist will bring them to life as an animation in a virtual NFT gallery. The collection will include odes to the blue and yellow macaw, representing the first InterContinental hotel in Belém, Brazil, and the panther chameleon, spotlighting InterContinental Resort Mauritius on Balaclava Bay.

    Utility of InterContinental NFTs

    • Ownership of an NFT featuring 1-of-10 custom artwork from Claire Luxton. This talented artist makes paintings that are valued between £3,000-£5,000 per print.
    • InterContinental Ambassador status, which provides exceptional benefits and elevated recognition with Platinum Elite status in the entirely redesigned IHG One Rewards program.
    • One-night stay at the new InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace, opening in 2023.

    How to Buy an NFT

    This collection will be released for sale through an NFT auction. But keep in mind that whitelist first-serve priority will be given exclusively to members of IHG One Rewards program. Only then can the rest of us town folks access the bidding. 

    In detail, members will be able to use their points to bid on five of the InterContinental NFTs. If you wish to learn more, visit the IHG One Rewards auction platform here! And kindly note that the bidding started on Tuesday, November 22nd and will close on Friday, December 9th. Happy Bidding! 


    Finally, with the turbulence in the NFT marketplace right now, little companies are daring to step into the metaverse. NFT sales have already plunged 92% by this past spring. And Justin Bieber is definitely no longer a Belieber in NFTs. Someone stop this madness! The question remains: Will the InterContinental NFTs go against all the odds and prove to be a huge success? We’ll have to bide our time and see!


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