Invisible Friends NFT Review and Upcoming Collections

    Invisible Friends NFT is one of the most hyped NFT projects on the market, and with the impressive following on all social media channels, it’s not surprising their launch was so successful.

    But, what are the famous Invisible Friends NFTs and who is behind this incredible animation?

    If you want to learn more about the value of rare NFT collections and you definitely want to know more about the Invisible Friends characters keep on reading. We have all the data in to help you understand the NFT project better. And allow you to make smart investment choices in the future.

    What Is Invisible Friends NFT?

    Invisible Friends NFT is a collection of 5,000 animated characters that move smoothly in a loop and have no facial or body parts, just clothes, and accessories.

    Invisible Friends was created by the Swedish artist and animator Markus Magnusson as a part of the popular Random Character Collective project. Honorable mentions of that project are also SlimHoods and MoodRollers, which gained popularity once the Invisible Friends took over the NFT universe.

    The idea behind these unique characters or NFTs was to attract true art lovers that appreciate crisp, colorful, and fun animations. Because the artist had a lot of supporters even before NFTs, the project gained momentum fast.

    What Makes Invisible Friends So Popular?

    There are a lot of valuable and useful NFTs on the market. So you might be wondering why Invisible Friends is so popular. This collection had strong brand names and artists showing support on social media.

    The official Invisible Friends Twitter account has over 537.2K followers, and their Discord channel is one of the most active NFT communities online.
    official twitter

    The collection has only 5,000 characters making it a very tempting and lucrative opportunity for investors, crypto enthusiasts, and art lovers all over the world. High demand in conjunction with a small collection always equals hyped projects and prices.

    Invisible Friends Launch

    The team behind the Invisible Friends NFTs decided to make a pre-sale and even though the official launch was announced for February 2022, the collection sold out before that. To buy and mint their NFTs users had to apply for the whitelist.
    gold collection

    Before the mint, Invisible Friends launched an exclusive and rare golden NFT called Golden Friend, and the token was sold at an auction for 499.69 ETH, or $1.32 million.

    The entire sum was transferred to RCC Charity Fund. And the owner of the Golden Friend got even five more unrevealed Invisible Friends NFTs

    How To Buy Invisible Friends NFT?

    Invisible Friends NFT launched in February 2022 and sold out in less than 24 hours. The reselling prices for these collectibles then skyrocketed and turned out to be valuable investments for all the lucky owners.

    Now, you can purchase the Invisible Friends NFTs on marketplaces such as OpenSea, and simply connect your MetaMask wallet to make the bid or buy in a few clicks.
    invisible friends opensea

    The Future of Invisible Friends NFT and the Roadmap for 2022

    The Invisible Friends NFT collection is just getting started and this hyped and beloved project has so many plans and collaborations in the near future. With the amazing success of the initial collection, the artists are now preparing new and improved Invisible Friends that have even more value and utility.

    Here are a couple of major plans and collabs to keep an eye on:

    Invisible Kith Friends

    Kith is one of the most popular style brands in the world. And they’ve launched a unique and hyper-stylish streetwear collection together.

    These NFTs will wear the new collection of clothes. And on top of that, NFT owners will physically get the items their Invisible Friend is wearing.

    The launch of Invisible Kith Friends happened on May 18 and you can now browse and purchase the NFT collection on marketplaces like OpenSea.


    The famous NFT conference in NYC is a great opportunity to get deeper into the NFT universe. And discover the world of Invisible Friends first-hand.

    Invisible 3D Friends
    popcorn 3d invisible nft

    The team behind this NFT project announced the creation of long-expected 3D friends by the end of summer 2022. This 3D collection will come with a twist as users will sometimes need their 2D and sometimes their 3D Friends.

    OG Toys

    One more fun and creative way to combine the virtual world of NFTs with the physical world and create toys. The OG Friends will give the NFT holders an opportunity to own a piece or OG toy as a collectible.

    Garbage Friends
    pizza garbage can

    One of the last announcements for this year is the planned launch of the new collection called Garbage Friends. The creators plan to promote the new NFTs in the same universe. But it’s still not clear how they are going to combine the two collections.

    Final Thoughts

    Invisible Friends are among the most popular projects on the market to this day. It’s refreshing to see artists and their supporters coming together and creating an amazing community to push and NFT forward.

    While many people are still skeptical about these and many other NFTs, the reality is they are here to stay and transform the way we look at art, collections, crypto, and investments.

    If you want to be in the loop and have all the relevant information on the ever-changing NFT world it’s a good idea to follow social media channels, especially Twitter, and come back here for more updates on all important NFT projects.


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