Jelly Rascals: Little Gelatinous Mischiefs 

    The NFT market just gained a new name. Jelly Rascals NFT collection is making it big with striking numbers. This collection is causing mayhem in the Solana network. The Solana-based collection has flying numbers but a recent announcement left people with a question. Is Jelly Rascals following in the steps of other collections and leaving Solana? Let’s dig in to find out the TEA.

    Jelly Rascals

    The Jelly Rascals collection has 6,666 NFTs living on the Solana Blockchain network. The first true PFP-inspired collection from the Jelly eSports brand, with the main purpose of upgrading the original JellyBabies art to something more styled to the brand, and bringing a whole new wave of utilities in the online gaming space. Furthermore, the Jelly Rascals collection is actually an improvement of the genesis collection Jellybabies. 

    Moreover, Jelly Rascals is built upon the brand’s token called $JELLY. You can acquire the token by becoming a holder and staking the Jelly Rascals Collection. By staking the Jelly Rascals you collectively earn 5 $JELLY per day per rascal. 

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 76.798699988 SOL ($1,586.48)
    • Market Cap: 511,940.134120008 SOL ($10,575,492.08) 
    • 24H Volume: 3,128.5594 SOL


    The token that the Jelly Rascals Collection is built upon has many benefits food the users. And some of these benefits include:

    The Jelly Merch Shop

    Multiple Jelly-branded merch is hitting the market. You can now rock the Jelly merch and show the representation IRL. Also, more merch will be available for purchase over time so keep an eye out. jelly merch

    Coffee Shop

    Good News for coffee lovers! You can now buy coffee using $JELLY. This utility allows you to purchase Starbucks Cards using $JELLY. You can now enjoy your Starbees with your staked $JELLY Tokens. 


    Jellotto is the Jelly eSports’ raffle system completely funded by the J-DAO. Buy tickets with $JELLY. The J-DAO will vote on which NFTs are available to use in the Jellotto raffles. Many collections are featured in the raffle. So, get your $JELLY ready!

    The Cosmetic Store

    The cosmetic store is where you can buy improvements for your Jelly Rascals and your JellyBabies. Changing up their appearance with bling and accessories to make them cooler!

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the Jelly Rascals NFT collection has hinted this month on Twitter that it might actually leave Solana. Not that that’s a shock or anything. We have seen previously huge NFT collections that were built on Solana’s blockchain. Leave it for a better blockchain like DeGods and Y00Ts did back in December. Check it out here

    Furthermore, you can also check out the Rascals on Opensea. Maybe even invest and stake before it’s too late 


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