Join Valhalla: The Next Bluechip NFT and Twitch of Web3

    When you hear Youtube or Twitch you think of massive multi-million streaming platforms. Valhalla’s goal to become a name among these giants is indeed a huge ambition. Why would anyone want to join Valhalla’s web3 streaming platform? 

    In the first week of Valhalla’s NFT drop, I’ve covered (here) how this project aims to become the next bluechip among the NFTs. After their instant success, Valhalla’s project founder Alex Lin was hit with a Controversy with Zagabond. You can know all about the Valhalla x Azuki Controversy details here, but long story short the accusations fell empty. The Valhalla community defended Lin till NFTEthics passively debunked their own accusations

    It’s been 14 weeks since the Valhalla NFT Collection dropped, and they’ve been delivering on all their words. I’m telling you, even if Valhalla didn’t become the next Twitch of web3, it will become a bluechip NFT and a very sought-after web3 brand. When you have a Valhalla NFT as your PFP you are telling the world instantly what kind of gamer you are. It would’ve been easier if they settle for that, but they set their goals sky-high. This actually is impressive, but very risky because if they fail to deliver… web3 community shows no mercy!

    → Is joining the Valhalla NFT project worth it?
    → Will Valhalla become the streaming platform of web3?

    Let’s recap the road so far, and you be the judge of it.

    About Valhalla’s NFTs

    Valhalla strives to be the Gaming x Culture PFP on the market, a niche that has no leader or competition in the web3 space. So, it seems like a smart move to join Valhalla’s ecosystem. But, how’s the NFT collection doing so far? I’ll use NFTGo’s analytic platform for reference points.

    valhalla nft stats

    → November 22, 2022 –  Valhalla NFTs opened for public mint at 0.5 ETH, floor price instantly pumped to 0.9 ETH on secondary marketplaces. The floor price then fell back gradually but still maintained itself above the mint price.

    → December 7, 2022 –  Valhalla NFTs revealed, and the floor price pumped back to 0.9 ETH. Valhalla Holders got 5 airdrops over a two-week period for a new token utility.

    → From Dec.14 till Dec. 28 – Reroll Feature was opened and the floor price reached its ATH at 1.19 ETH. The floor price afterward kept steady even during a bear market, and never went under the 0.7 ETH margin. 

    → January 6, 2023 – Probably after Lin announced the Valhallas Twitter account secured the yellow badge, the floor price pumped back up to its December ATH at 1.19 ETH.

    → At the time of writing – Valhalla NFTs floor price is 0.899 ETH with a Trade volume of 23,040 ETH on OpenSea.

    Within the span of three weeks of the project’s start, the Valhalls team demonstrated its strong ability to execute:

    • 9,000 Valhalla NFTs minted out.
    • Successful PFP reveals 
    • Armory Event 

    WEEKLY Updates

    Since 2023 started, Valhalla started posting weekly threads on the project’s achievements since its mint, titled “Job Not Done”. Ever since January 25, the team has been consistently posting Valhalla news on Twitter every Wednesday. The content of the weekly threads varies according to the week but always contains these three pillars:

    • Community Events & Initiatives
    • Community Art
    • Featured Gameplay

    job not done valhalla weekly update

    If you don’t feel like scrolling Valhalla’s Twitter for 15 minutes, I got you. You can check the Weekly Valhalla threads below:

    Valhalla Marketplace

    Mid the marketplaces wars and Blur versus OpenSea royalty drama, the Valhalla Marketplace launched on February 25, 2023 – As promised. It’s not something that’s going to compete with any other marketplace. It’s a show of engineering talent, a commitment to their word, and the start of a luxury buying experience within individual brands for collectors. Alex Lin explained his intentions best in this thread:

    The Valhalla Marketplace has the following:

    • Valhalla NFTs
    • 0% marketplace fees
    • Desktop & mobile support
    • Collector’s profile

    The Ux/Ui design of the website is well-executed. My personal favorite feature of this marketplace is the ability to download the JPG or PNG of the NFT. 

    Join Valhalla: Activities and Characters

    The Valhalla team managed to successfully host and organize several events and gaming tournaments. 

    1- Game Tournaments

    → Oct 15 – Fall Guys Tournament 

    One month before mint, Valhalla hosted a successful tournament for Fall Guys, a popular massive multiplayer battle royale game. The event was so well-received that project PXN and Underground generously contributed $10K/each to the next one. 

    → MARCH 11 – Fornite Invitational 
    21 communities. $12,000 prize pool. It’s a major upcoming event for Valhalla as Fornite holds a strong foot in the gaming scene.

    2- Holder Events

    Here are some of the major IRL events the Valhalla team organized for Valhalla NFT holders:

    → Feb 1, 2023 – Watched Super Mario Bros movie together.

    → Feb 11, 2023 – First Community Meetup at LA-based Stacked Studios 

    Upcoming Events

    March 21, 2023 → Mixer in Hollywood Hills
    LA signups closing: Wednesday, March 8th

    April 14, 2023 → Join Valhalla at NFT NYC.
    NYC signups closing: Wednesday, March 15th

    Valhalla’s NFT Characters 

    To join Valhalla is to join its narrative, characters, and ecosystem. For example, NFT holders receive benefits including the right to access street fashion products and an exclusive partner community if they have the proper characteristics of a partner company. NFT holders are granted commercial rights for their purchased NFT but that does not imply a CC0 license. There are community types within the Valhalla community each with its own story. Check them out, the description of each type provided is in Valhalla’s own words.

    Valhalla NFT types

    • Human: “The primary type that populates Valhalla. They’re chill to play with, team players, and always down to play fill. They enjoy watching OfflineTV in their free time.”
    • Toxic: “Toxic players are in charge of keeping you in ELO hell. They’re the ones who instalock Jett. They’re the ones who’ll feed first blood, endlessly run it down mid, and spam FF15.”
    • Mech: “Aim bot on by default. Trained with advanced neural networks to calculate the most efficient path to domination. Probably drew themselves using Stable Diffusion.”
    • God/Eternal: “Can trade profitably at a crypto desk while playing League of Legends at a Challenger level.”
    • Demon: “Born in a PC bang. Only games between the hours of 10 PM – 5 AM. Plays like they’re on PEDs, but their performance is 100% grass-fed organic. Their blueish skin derives from the minimal light they receive from their computer screen.”

    The team also managed to rise to every occasion and generate new skins or outfits for the Valhalla avatars. Here’s what we’ve seen so far from Lunar Year and Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait for Halloween!

    valentine's day  lunar year

    They even managed to find a way to join the Super Bowl hype in an iconic video featuring Jack Harlow.

    Famous Valhalla NFT Holders

    Major gamers and whales in the NFT space joined Valhalla, such as:

    Fortnite Professional Player from Guild E-sports
    100,000 Twitch followers
    70,000 YouTube subscribers

    Twitch streamer
    62k subscribers
    broadcast focused on Valorant
    He scored a high in Yuga’s Dookey Dash.

    Twitch streamer, YouTuber
    328k YouTube subscribers
    1.127m Twitch followers

    Blue Chip Whale
    Possesses 15 Azuki, 38 Valhalla, and 30 KRR

    Valhalla Whale
    Possesses 139 Valhalla

    Blue Chip Whale
    Possesses 61 Otherside, 44 Valhalla, and 23 Azuki

    Blue Chip Whale
    Possesses 364 The Sandbox Land, 242 Otherside, 101 BAYC, 99 MAYC, 110 Kennel Club, 76 Azuki, 68 KPR, and 35 Valhalla

    Why Join Valhalla?

    It’s been a long article, so I’ll make this section short:

    • Most projects focus on selling out their project and building their community, before defining their vision and finding an operational business model.
    • Valhalla sourced VC funding, built a team with previous experience, and then built the community. This demonstrates that Valhalla is designed to solve a real-world problem with the current streaming platform services.
    • They have already set their long-term vision, at a stage where many NFT projects are still trying to find their operating model. ( Flashback, to the Moonbirds incident)
    • Currently, no other NFT project plans to offer live streaming within the Web3 space. This gives Valhalla a first-mover advantage if executed well.

    Technology Advanced 

    Valhalla stresses on being a “Tech-forward company”. For example, they took to Twitter to explain “behind-the-scenes” of their Armory Re-roll feature that required the presence of all traits on-chain. You may enjoy reading this thread if you’re into it.

    Another testament to their technological prowess is their ability to layer their NFT avatars. Vincen Draws explained in this Twitter thread how difficult the execution of Valhalla NFTs was. So if you do the math, it’s really cool.

    JOB NOT DONE: What’s Next for Valhalla? 

    Whether you want to join valhalla or not is entirely up to you. My job is to provide all the necessary information and details to help you reach a decision. Here’s a summary of Valhalla’s project:

    • VC funded with $15, doesn’t rely on royalties.
    • Project in the run for at least 5 years.
    • High liquidity as Valhalla’s floor price never got to mint price.
    • FP is steady at 0.7 ETH so far.
    • Succeeded during the bear market and market crash.
    • Active in engaging with their community by arranging activities, tournaments, and events.
    • High profile Valhalla NFT holders.
    • They deliver on their word. 
    • High level of discipline, talent, and technological expertise.

    In the near future, there are still two things Valhalla has to deliver. Not trying to be a pessimist but most of Q1 2023 already passed, and they got until the end of March to deliver their promises. Just saying.

    1→ Release beta version of their streaming platform 

    2→ Daily Auction of their 1k reserve supply.

    So far there has been no word or update about their upcoming streaming platform launch. The whole Valhalla brand and existence depends on this exact service. Declaring such high ambition is indeed stressful, but all we got to do is wait and see. From here Valhalla can only soar high or steep down low. The space won’t be cutting any slack. Haven’t you heard? There’s a dark side to web3.


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