TBT: Jordan 13 Flint Then, Now and AIO Bot’s HUGE SUCCESS!

Today is all about glory and history! We love us a pair that holds all that value while being pretty amazing to look at. This pair has a special value in every Jordanhead’s heart, and this year’s pair is a story of its own! So let’s take a dive into the story of the awesome Jordan 13 Flint!

Air Jordan 13: A History

The Jordan 13 silhouette, generally, is underrated. The inspiration for it is almost in every house (unless you’re allergic). But the cat we’re talking about had some really awesome jumps and rings under its belt. Michael Jordan, aka the Black Cat, is the inspo behind this silhouette. Tinker Hatfield saw the GOAT in action and it just clicked! With paw-shaped soles and holo Jumpman logo, the kicks look and feel like a cat.

1998 Is When OG Jordan 13 Flint Happened!

A year after the official launch of the silhouette, Jordan Brand gave us the most romantic V-day’s gift. That gift was the fly AF Jordan 13 Flint! The French blue mesh overlays give life to the mix of flint grey and white. And of course, the green holo Jumpman pops out like a cat’s eye in the dark!

jordan 13 flint 1998

Release Date: 2/14/1998
Retail Price: $150
Average Resale Value: $543

7 Years Is a Lot of Waiting Time.

The sneaker fans who missed on Jordan 13 Flint had to wait 7, long, years for the first retro! Of course, Jordanheads kept busy with all the newer silhouettes, but classics are a must. So when the kicks retroed in 2005, everybody felt the hype! The kicks came in a different box and an ever-so-slightly lighter shade of blue. It’s unnoticeable unless you’ve got a sharp eye, like most of the sneakerheads!

jordan 13 flint 2005

Release Date: 4/19/2005
Retail Price: $150
Average Resale Value: $332

2010 Brings Back a Classic!

Jordan Brand is obviously pretty adamant that every Jordanhead gets a shot at owning precious pairs. That’s why they brought back the Jordan 13 Flint five years later! However, there was a catch. The hi-vis detailing we all loved was missing, and some sneakerheads couldn’t get over that. So this pair is, to be fair, a bit less loved than the OGs. But owning one today isn’t too bad on the aftermarket!

jordan 13 flint 2010

Release Date: 11/26/2010
Retail Price: $160
Average Resale Value: $344

Who Said 1998 Fashion Is Outdated in 2020?

Classics never die, that’s what Jordan Brand proved time and time again! The 2020 Jordan 13 Flint retro was faithful to the 1998 OGs. Although we had to wait 10 years, the hi-vis and OG detailing were worth that wait! And boy what a ride this release was! After thinking that the industry will brick the release, the kicks sold out real fast. And if you missed out on them, you’ll probably have to wait a few more years for a fifth release. Or head on to the resale market!

jordan 13 flint 2020

Release Date: 5/30/2020
Retail Price: $190
Average Resale Value: $263

AIO Bot Eats Jordan 13 Flint for Lunch!

Did you ever wonder how to cop on Footsites easily like every sneakerhead that currently owns 2020’s Jordan 13 Flint? Easy! AIO V2 absolutely kills every Footsites release, including last May’s Flints! Luckily for you, AIO Bot V2 is in stock, and you can be a part of the community today. So why wait? You can cook on Footsites and many other supported sites using the coolest all-in-one bot! Hop on, and enjoy the ride!


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