TBT: Jordan 5 Tokyo Comes All The Way From The East!

    We love Jordans. We love Japan-exclusives. So what happens when we combine these two? We get a pair of kicks worth thousands of dollars! We know how much Japanese streetwear has influence over the fashion scene. And when the American and Japanese fashions collide, we get an amazing release like the Jordan 5 Tokyo 23!

    Jordan 5 Tokyo T23: Puts The X in Exclusive!

    Back in 2011, Jordan Brand opened its Japanese store “Jordan Tokyo 23”. However, with the brand, it’s either go big or go home. And Jordan is famous for going really really big! That’s why we got the Jordan 5 Tokyo to commemorate the event. The kicks feature a yellow nubuck upper, a white and black midsole with yellow shark teeth, and a gum outsole. So these are pretty cool looking kicks to be completely honest. The coolest bit though is the special 23 logo embroidery on the heel area.

    jordan 5 tokyo pack

    However, the kicks didn’t drop all alone! In fact, the two Jordans were a pack, but the other pair goes under the radar. You see, Chris Paul’s Jordan CP3.IV got a special Tokyo treatment in 2011. The pack was Japan-exclusive and limited, and you know what that means: Cha-Chinggggg!

    How Much Is Jordan 5 Tokyo T23 Worth Today?

    Jordan 5 Tokyo T23

    Release Date: 4/29/2011
    Retail Price: $206
    Avg. Resale Value: $2,785

    If you’re feeling the urge to own this pair, better save up a couple of thousand dollars! But maybe you should keep them in your pockets and wait for a bit. Who knows what the rest of the year holds? *wink wink*

    Samples Are Always Worth A Lot!

    Although the official Jordan 5 Tokyo T23 release is pretty expensive, the sample is even more valuable! Companies don’t usually produce lots of samples since they are a kind of tester or custom kicks. But once a sample gets out, it’s totally worth it! And the Jordan 5 Tokyo sample is amazing. The only downside is that you need to cough up $10,000 to own it!

    Jordan 5 Tokyo Sample

    Jordan 5 Tokyo Comes Back… And More

    We said that waiting for the rest of the year’s releases is a good idea, and we’ll tell you why. According to the very juicy sneaker leaks, there’s a new Jordan 5 on the way. But it’s more than just the Jordan 5 Tokyo. It’s a new “What The” Jordan! As far as we know, the colorway will include 8 of the rare Jordan 5 colorways. Some of them are Jordan 5 Tokyo, Shanghai, Laser, Bel-Air among several others.

    Jordan 5 Tokyo What The

    Virgil Has An AJ5 Under His Sleeve!

    Although the Jordan 5 Tokyo, and all foreign kicks, are interesting, local kicks are worth the hype too! A good example is the Metallic Off White Jordan 5. Which actually resells for about $800. However, news of not one, but two, new Jordan 5s. The sail colorway has been circulating for a while now, but the grape colorway is relatively new! And for a good reason. The Grape Off White Jordan 5 will probably be a friends and family release, while the red one is public. There are no release details yet, but keep checking for more future updates!

    Jordan 5 Off White

    The release date is set to November 8, 2020, but who knows, a lot can change till then. But if you enjoyed our throwback this week, then you’ll definitely love these! And don’t forget to check out the upcoming Kobe sneakers dropping next week, totally worth it. Keep it locked on Twitter for a chance to own ANB 2.0. Who knows? It might be what you need to find a good catch!


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