Just A Basic Profile Picture NFT Collection: A Minimalist Movement

    In the world of everlasting technologies and social media apps, everybody is rushing to create a profile that represents them. And the perfect way to identify someone’s social media accounts is through their ‘profile picture.’ The concept of a profile picture started with Facebook with its basic profile picture template. Now, this very same concept is given an NFT presence with the popular collection. ‘Just A Basic Profile Picture NFT Collection.’ The collection features the original profile template,  but make it ‘NFT.’ Let’s dig in. 

    Just A Basic Profile Picture NFT

    This project was inspired by the iconic profile picture that you see on Facebook or Twitter when you first create a profile, a simple, greyed-out silhouette. 

    This profile picture, a classic, is both simple and beautiful, as opposed to the complex and busy ones. That is what makes it timeless. 

    The Just a Basic Profile Picture NFT collection was created by Clarity Collective on April 2023 and lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

    The Clarity collective team celebrates the power of simplicity and believes that a basic profile picture can be just as famous and renowned as any other. It’s all about the shape and form, the elegant simplicity that makes this profile picture so iconic.

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price:0.03200000 ETH ($67.42) 
    • Market Cap:160.000 ETH ($337,088) 
    • 24H Volume: 4.063410 ETH ($8,560.79)

    A Minimalist Movement 

    What makes the Just a Basic Profile Picture NFT collection special is its ode to minimalism. The Clarity Collective team took inspiration from the concept of minimalism and the very beginning of a profile picture. And combined it to form one of the fast-selling NFT collections since its debut back in April. 

    The hashtag #JustaBasicPFP is trending on Twitter with many people sharing their experience with the collection and basically hyping it up for other potential buyers. 


    The two founders of the NFT collection, Goncalo and Joao, were both very surprised by the intense and rapid success.

    “I went to bed at 3 or 4 am when there were only 700 mints”, says Goncalo. “3 hours later I got a call from Joao telling me that not only did the collection sell out, our first collection AI predicts 2050 did as well. I didn’t know if it was all a dream or reality, but it became pretty real once we immediately started a sold-out Twitter Spaces, and almost 12,000 people tuned in”.

    Not just that, but the collection caught the eye of a few prominent investors and of Hollywood actor Colin Ford, best known for his roles on “Daybreak” and “Under The Dome”. 

    Another Project

    The Just A Basic Profile Picture NFT collection is not the only project that Clarity Collective is working on. In fact, another prominent project by this team that is worth mentioning is ‘AI Predictions 2050.’ 

    It is no secret that AI has become intertwined with our lives. It is part of us and our culture. The Clarity Collective team asked it to predict what the future will look like in 2050. The AI aggregated predictions into topics. Along with guessing the exact year they may take place. And assessing their impact on the world. Estimating how likely they are to occur. 

    The predictions are out for sale on Opensea. And some of these predictions are:

    ai prediction1 ai prediction3 ai prediction2 ai prediction ai prediction5 ai prediction6 



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