Kanpai Pandas: The Future Is Pandas

    Animal NFTs have always been a fan favorite, and their popularity only seems to multiply in the coming days. The next animal who is loveable IRL and in the NFT world is the panda. Pandas’ cuteness extended into the NFT world with Kanpai Pandas. This PFPs collection is the new trend. Let’s dig in more.

    What are Kanpai Pandas? 

    Kanpai Pandas is a collection of 10,000 stylistically curated hand-drawn NFTs that exist on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism chains This PFPs collection’s creation is credited to a team of visionary people. Its purpose is to start something new in the NFT scene. A combination of utility and art to become a mainstay in the ever-growing web3 space. You can find this collection on Opensea. The PFP collection houses more than 3.7k pandas with over 2k owners.

    According to CoinGecko, this collection’s statistics are as follows: 

    • Floor Price: 1.7 ETH ($2,600.32).
    • Market Cap: 12,602.1 ETH ($19,276,170.51).
    • 24H Volume: 85.61806 ETH.

    Kanpai Pandas’ 2023 Roadmap

    The kanpai pandas team has officially set some long-term goals for the future of the project starting with

    High-Quality Apparel: Kanpai Panda Club members can expect exclusive merch drops. The team will actively seek partnerships with leading streetwear and designer brands to create both their own custom apparel and community-sourced designs.

    Collectibles: Kanpai Panda Club members will be entitled to receive a physical version of their NFT. 

    Comic Series: The Kanpai Panda team will create an anime character-based comic collection. Panda club members can nominate their own exclusive panda’s into the comic based on self-proposed storylines. Furthermore, The community will decide which pandas will make it through to the official comic series, and those who are selected will win several serious prizes.

    Pandas Gone Wild: Kanpai Pandas will explore opportunities in various industries to grow and expand the KP brand.

     Privileges And Events 

    The kanpai panda community is known for giving many privileges to its holders and these are included in the form of events. Some of these events were: 

    1. The Weeknd After Hours Till Dawn Concert in November 2022,  VIP tickets were available at $500 for 20 panda holders. 
    2. Panda poker tournament.
    3. Imagine Dragons box suite in September 2022.
    4. The Raiders vs Patriots football game will take place on December 17.2023.

    How To Mint A Kanpai Panda?

    You can int your very own Kanpai Panda in 3 simple steps.

    Step 1: First, you must decide which chain you want to mint on. This collection uses (Polygon, Ethereum, BNB, Fantom, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Avax). 

    After you decide, choose the network you want to mint in your wallet before connecting.

    Note: Make sure you have enough USDC ($400 mint price per panda) in your wallet on that network and whatever native token that network uses for gas fees. 

    Step 2: After your wallet is set up head over to the Kanpai Pandas website and hit connect in the top right corner.

      minting kanpai pandas

    Scroll down to the mint module. Select your quantity(max 3 per network) and hit “Mint”

    how_to_mint kanpai pandas

    Your network will ask for approval. Hit confirm to do so.

    kanpai pandas mint

    Step 3:  

    Congrats! You now own a panda. Wait a few minutes for the completion of the transaction. Your panda will appear in your wallet on the reveal day

    Note: And, if you want to mint again on a different chain. Disconnect your wallet, switch networks, and reconnect. 

    Final Statement

    The Kanpai Pandas collection is much more than cute pandas. Or maybe it just is? Anyway, these cute pandas are making some fine numbers as the charts are showing. Therefore, if you choose to invest in this collection, you are making the right choice. The events that these pandas associate with are legendary, and their future looks bright and safe. Which is the most important thing for a potential investor to hear. 


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