Kiwami NFT Collection: Tokyo’s Misfits

    This NFT collection is a unique one as it combines Anime art, MANGA, Japan exploration videos, and many more. Literally, this collection is doing videos around Japan with their NFTs. Kiwami NFT collection is marking its presence in Web3 with an NFT collection and a marketplace as well. Let’s dig in. 

    Kiwami NFT 

    Kiwami NFT is a collection of anime-style art. Created in March 2022 and has a total supply of 10,000 NFTs. This PFPs collection lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Kiwami NFTs all present different characters with their own story which are composed either as Mangas or as stories to read and enjoy. Carefully designed in the metaverse & born in Japan, Kiwami is redefining what it means to be an authentic brand. For those who are Kiwami; extreme, loyal, driven, and ineffable, you’ve found your people.

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 0.03800000 ETH ($66.82) 
    • Market Cap: 380.000 ETH ($668,209)
    • 24H Volume: 0.12390000 ETH ($217.87)

    The Tengoku Club

    Tengoku Club is located in the seedy underbelly of Shibuya, Tokyo. Every character from the Kiwami NFT lore has been spotted at the Club. Whether they’re hanging on the patio after leaving the dance floor, mingling with rising Yakuza henchmen at the bar. Drowning in the pulsating beats and spellbinding synth waves, spraypainting the emblems of their affiliation, or simply serving as club bouncers. In addition, Tengoku Club has found a way to unite them all. Rich or poor, artisan or salaryman; the Club sheds all egos.


    Like any artistic movement, Kiwami is foremost driven by the community-first mindset. Everyone brings their own stories, passions, and dreams. Kiwami NFT is here to connect people and nurture the finest culture. Rooted in a love for crypto-art that is built both with supreme artistic provenance in the metaverse. As well as in the real world.

    The Extras

    Kiwami NFT is doing something that is truly one of a kind and no collection has ever done before. Which is creating videos around Japan where their NFT characters take people along with them on a journey around Japanese cities. Introducing them and their cultures to the whole world. Moreover, the NFT collection also following in the steps of many anime-style collections is doing Manga installments featuring their NFT characters. Furthermore, it sure does not end there! It continues where they actually made stories on Wattpad for certain characters. Check them out here.

    Kiwami NFT: Leading Anime Collection

    Lastly, Kiwami NFT has recently joined forces with a Japanese Studio to create a jaw-dropping anime short that’s sure to leave you in awe!  Get ready for a mind-blowing visual experience that’ll redefine the world of anime. 

    You can check out the collection on Opensea. And also check out the Kiwami marketplace here


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