Know The TOP Solana NFTs of All Time !

    This article is specially made to help you learn more about the top Solana NFT collections of all time, their utilities, why each collection has constantly been raved about, in addition to why and how to spot the top Solana NFTs going forward.

    Ethereum Vs Solana

    Deciding on the right blockchain to start out with has always been a hassle for developers as much as it has been for enthusiasts in the NFT space. Even though a good number of NFT early adopters have all been somehow lured into going with Ethereum-based NFTs, given its flagship status.

    Solana is one of the blockchains that sprouted vibrant NFT communities. It may be true that Solana’s NFT projects still have a long shot of competing with Ethereum-based projects. For example world-famous NFT collections like Cryptopunks, Azuki, and BAYC. However. Solana houses NFT projects that could end up competing with its Ethereum peers! 

    The Ethereum Vs Solana debate will live as long as we can breathe. It’s basically inevitable. If you wanna know more in-depth details about it, we got this guide prepared for you!

    How To Pick The Best Solana NFT Collections

    Investing in crypto startups, just like in every other venture, comes with its fair share of risks. Hence, investors do tons of vigorous research before investing.

    Keep these tips at the back of your mind:

    • Look up every backstory of the team behind a project, its community, and the project roadmap
    • Examine rudimentary data about any collection you like. For example its utility and overall market share. This indicates its online presence, volume, market capitalization, and total supply vs total current holders. 

    You should research really well before you pick out any NFT to inevst in. Whether it is on Solana or any other blockchain. We have this guide and you won’t regret reading it.

    The TOP 4 Solana NFTs

    At the time of writing, according to, the top four Solana NFT collections of all time are:

    • DeGods
    • Blocksmith Labs
    • Okay Bears
    • Solana Monkey Business

    Let’s take a deep dive into our four Solana NFTs and figure out why you should give them a damn! We put the collections in descending order, from the top best to the last best across the board.

    #1 Solana NFT : DeGods

    degods art

    Ranked at the top of the list is non-other than DeGods. This is a deflationary collection of degenerates, punks, and misfits. As the foremost Solana-powered NFT, DeGods engenders a global community of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, experimenters, and innovators. The platform has an in-house token. It’s used to access premium features across its ecosystem known as $DUST.


    • Entails a digital hub for creatives in the form of 10,000 virtual gods to showcase their works given their artistic outfits.
    • Having a market share of over $131 million
    • a trading volume of almost $43 million
    • more than 984,000 Solana sold on OpenSea alone
    • aggregate listing of 10,000 items at an average price of 150 Solana
    • a cumulative social media following of more than 150,000 followers on Twitter and Discord. That’s exactly what makes this collection the largest NFT community on Solana.

    Renowned For:

    Everyone raves about this collection on Solana NFT marketplace. DeGodsis the foremost NFT community on Solana. It amasses even greater popularity since its DAO acquired a professional basketball team on Ice Cube’s Big3 league.


    Collectors and enthusiasts of DeGods NFTs can purchase it on such marketplaces like; Magic Eden, Alpha Art, OpenSea, and Solanart.


    #2 Blocksmith Labs

    blocksmith labs website

    This collection is the brainchild of the same founders of DeGods.They branched out to build their own successful project from within the DeGods community. It is known as DeGods Mafia. The $Forge token is the platform’s primary token. They use to incorporate and solidify the platform’s utility.


    A community of DApps builders who develop tools and infrastructures for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – DAOs. Since its launch, Blocksmith Labs, hit a market cap of $16 million in sales. Doing so from a total of more than 4,000 listings at an average floor price of 87 Solana. This translates to approximately $3,000 at the time of writing!

     Renowned For:

    • Pioneered by a team of experienced engineers with the sole purpose to solve real-world problems.  They promise to ensure a prolonged utility for token holders.
    • As the second most significant among the top Solana NFT collections, Blocksmith Labs has an audience of nearly 82,000 followers on Twitter and Discord combined.


    Currently, holders can trade Blocksmith Labs NFTs on Magic Eden, Raydium, and Raven.

    blockssmith labs nft

    #3 Okay Bears

    okay bears community

    Okay Bears is an NFT collection that represents a culture shift. It comprises a collection of 10,000 diverse bears building a virtual community. With the knowledge that the internet will transcend into the real world, the founders of Okay Bears are more taxed with the idea of building a more upright community in the digital world.


    A history-making, record-breaking, culture-shifting virtual society for community builders on the web3. Okay Bears has an overall market share of $20 million, and an average price of 62 Solana.

    Renowned For:

    • Its partnership with a global licensing company managing over $15B in annual retail sales for the biggest brands on the planet – IMG.
    • With more than 2 million in sales on OpenSea, makes up for this Solana NFT collection’s much higher market cap, on par with its lower average selling price.
    • Okay Bears has an average sales price at a value that is a little less expensive compared to DeGods and Blocksmith Labs. Nonetheless, this collection has a higher market share than Blocksmith Labs. Also a much higher social following than the other two at the top of the list – owing to its partnership with a world-renowned licensing agency.


    Presently, Magic Eden is the only known one-stop shop for all digital collectibles by Okay Bears.

    okay bears nfts

    #4  Solana NFT : Solana Monkey Business

    solana monkey business nft

    Solana Monkey Business or SMB, for short, is a collection of 5000 unique randomly generated SolanaMonkeys. They are set to invade the Solana blockchain with as many individuals as possible. SMB has an approximate market capitalization of $34 million and a floor price of 246 Solana. Only 0.1% of its assets are listed on OpenSea.


    Accompanied by an accessibility-oriented design, the platform’s core features entail a community wallet and a future voting system.

    Renowned For:

    It’s really pricy.It goes over 106 Solana, ranking higher than Blocksmith Labs and Okay Bears, in that regard.

    monkey business

    We’ll keep updating the list as more Solana insights hit! I hope this article proves that Solana also has a voice on the blockchain!



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