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The least we can say is that a lot changed in a short span of time! What people historically considered to be very exclusive Yeezy sneakers, started losing that glow in late 2017. The semi-frozen yellow 350 V2s were the most limited v2s ever, the blue tints were a bit more available. Which got the community pretty hyped up. Fast forward a couple of months, and you get the sesames and creams that flooded the market. And were relatively very easy to cop! 

In early 2018, some Yeezy sneakers were actually sitting on shelves. Resale values went through a huge drop. In other words, they were flopping big time. And this decline lasted until December 2018. When Adidas and Kanye probably realized what’s happening and dropped the Static 350 Reflective. This particular colorway was very scarce and valuable. And it was the first time we get RF and NRF versions of a sneaker.

In 2018 through 2019, Adidas tried to fix the state of things and actually managed to revive the hype! And whoever tells you that Yeezys are dead, they’re wrong! We were wrong too for a while!

Finally, it’s the end of 2019, and Kanye has a lot of tricks up his sleeve for 2020. For example, we’ve got Yeezy BSKTBL, Yeezy 700 MNVN, the Foam Runner and a lot of new Yeezy 350 V2 colorways! So make sure to keep it locked on our blog to receive the latest Yeezy updates!

Why Are Yeezy Sneakers In Short Supply?

Those who deem themselves as “sneakerheads” know that getting Kanye West’s shoe designs has always been a difficult task. In the Nike partnership days, shoes released by the rapper have been hard to obtain in any colorway that they were released in.

When Adidas signed him, the hope was that his sneakers would be less under the clutches of a “big business” type of sneaker company, but that has so far not been the case. Yeezy Sneakers are still under a very tight release schedule, and incredibly hard to get a hold of for most sneaker enthusiasts.

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The explanation for this has long been without answers. Since Ye partnered with Adidas, fans assumed that he would do things more on his schedule. And when he joined Adidas, he stated that he wants everyone to get a pair of Yeezys. Kanye’s mission of making the shoe more accessible and allowing everyone to enjoy his “art” hasn’t come true yet. The initial release of the first rendition of Kanye’s sneaker, which looked more like an Ugg boot than anything else, released with just 9,000 pairs. Later releases of the lower version of the shoe haven’t had much more quantity.

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Some sneaker release watchers are against the idea of Kanye’s shoes becoming more accessible as he wants. Allowing more people to obtain them more easily takes away from the novelty, the specialty that the sneaker has, and doesn’t make the “successful purchase” feeling so great once you do it.

The rest of us, who are still without Yeezy Sneakers, hope that Kanye’s dream of accessibility comes true. We’ve been feeling the frustration with this exclusivity and with Adidas. But now we do have some answers.

Jon Wexler Addresses Yeezy Sneakers Exclusivity

Jon Wexler spoke to “The Breakfast Club” radio show about why the Yeezy Boost is so limited, and finally answered a lot of questions that we’ve been having. He certainly shut down rumors that Adidas is doing what Nike did by restricting Kanye’s authority over his designs.

Wexler, on “The Breakfast Club”, was very much in line with West’s mission. He said that Adidas’ dream is to have all Adidas sneakers, including Yeezy sneakers available for anyone who wants them. This is important as Adidas continues to bring in big-name pro athletes to sneaker deals.

So, why the holdup Mr. Wexler? Well, it’s actually because the Yeezy Sneakers are very much a high-tech shoe. As Adidas’ website says, the shoe is supposed to fit “like a second skin” and the outsole integrates Adidas Boost technology which contains, “highly responsive properties to offer an unparalleled level of comfort, performance, and style.”

How Does Adidas Make Yeezy Sneakers?

According to Wexler, Adidas purchases the Boost material from NASA (yes, the same organization that put mankind on the moon). So, understandably, these shoes are a bit of a delicacy.

With all the advancements in technology, we still can’t assume that all sneaker companies can push out unlimited amounts of sneakers in short periods. Nike can easily create some of the Jordan sneakers quickly. So, there’s little reason for a shortage other than to drive hype up. However, with the Yeezy sneaker, there appears to be a purpose. You’re having to wait in lines for special releases, and go without the Yeezy sneakers for long periods. Why? Because they make them the right way. So when you finally get your hands on a pair of these shoes, you can rest easy knowing that they are of the highest quality possible and with the best materials available. Also, they look incredible.

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Kanye and Adidas are on a mission to make quality footwear more readily available, but they haven’t achieved it yet. If you’re still waiting for an opportunity to snag your favorite colorway of the Yeezy Boost sneaker, visit our homepage or AIO bot website for help with an add to cart software.

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