Map2Earn: The Metaverse Pokemon Go Experience!

    The Map2Earn concept is similar to the Play2Earn system or the game Pokemon Go. They attracted the crowds by giving them tokens to take pictures of locations and thus began the mapping process. Powered by OVER this metaverse is quickly becoming a trend among users. The idea of earning tokens by just taking photos is just too tempting to not jump into. Let’s jump in. 

    What is the AR Metaverse?

    The AR metaverse is a fusion between the physical and virtual worlds enabled by geolocalized AR. It is also a place where people can own digital assets, play, build, meet, and earn. Additionally, it is a new way to interact with information from a 2D screen to an expanded world.

    Why augmented reality?

    When we think about the metaverse usually we think about a VR world. But the truth is that we will not spend most of our time with VR headsets on our faces. Not only that but the way our brains are wired is to process 3D information easily.

    Furthermore, the best means to interact with AR is mobile phones so if we look at the numbers we have 150 million VR headsets but we have almost 6.6 billion smartphones worldwide as almost everybody in the world has one. But not everyone has access to a VR headset making the Map2Earn entry easier. 

    What are the building blocks of the AR Metaverse?

    The AR metaverse is made up of 3 layers:

    • The base layer or what we call Ovrland.
    • A middle layer is the Ovrland Mapping or the Map2earn.
    • The final layer is one for building and publishing content called OVER SDK.

    How Does Map2Earn or Ovrland Mapping work?

    The Map2Earn system is fairly easy. All you need is the smartphone in your hand with a functioning camera. Thanks to the powers of AI, OVER can now generate a 3D map of the physical world. Simply by taking pictures, the only requirement is the smartphone in your pocket. All OVER users can potentially contribute to creating the biggest detailed 3D map of the real world. Why is this so important, you may ask? 

    Because this open mapping system will bring the OVER AR Metaverse to a whole new level. Currently, when geolocalizing an AR asset in an OVRLand there’s the limitation of the GPS accuracy, usually no better than within 6 meters. However, a scanned OVRLand will have a localization precision down to 20 cm! 

    So the Map2Earn process opens up a whole new realm of opportunities in creating AR experiences that before were not technically possible: localizing experiences on a specific wall or a statue outdoors, precisely overlapping AR to existing buildings, geolocating assets indoors and on multiple floors, just to name a few… No other platform in the blockchain, nor in the physical world, can currently achieve this.

    How To earn with Map2Earn?

    You probably were asking yourselves this question, and to put it simply, you can earn tokens on Map2Earn through mapping. The users or mappers will be able to scan locations with their smartphones to provide data for the map building. The Over app will generate 3D maps based on the data provided and will proceed to mint them as NFTs. In other words, the users own the maps they scan. Thus, they can trade them on the Over NFT marketplace or other NFT marketplaces

    In the future, OVER will initiate an incentivization program to enable direct open-to-buy orders to purchase 3D maps. You can now download the beta release of the OVER app to start mapping here.

    Final Statement

    To sum up, David Cuttini, Ceo of Over, describes his idea of the AR metaverse as follows:

    “When I imagine a world where reality and virtuality are fused, where thanks to small contact lenses I can’t distinguish real and unreal projections, the crowdsourced 3D world scanning is the foundational brick needed to create an amazing new infrastructure. Without the complete understanding of the real world through AI models available from commodity devices, no AR platforms will see significant adoption. I think that OVER is headed in the right direction to democratize access to this amazing new way to live our lives!”

    The Map2Earn system is fairly easy to use and frankly has many benefits. Users or Mappers don’t have to use complicated technology to earn tokens. Moreover, you get to own the map you scan and sell it at your own price. You can also buy an OvrLand here.


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