The Latest From Marvel Studios: Ekos NFT Collection 

    Marvel is a known name in the comic and movie industry. There is no one who has not seen at least one Marvel movie. The Marvel team always amazes us with new projects and it is no surprise to see the giant brand enter the NFT world. What makes the Marvel NFT Ekos collection unique is that it features one-of-a-kind never seen before art from late Marvel and DC artists. Let’s dig in. 

    Marvel NFT: Ekos NFT Collection

    The Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, David Maisel just announced the launch of the Marvel NFT project, Ekos NFT Collection. This new collection showcases original artwork from the late comic artist, Michael Turner and his acclaimed collaborator, Peter Steigerwald. Both artists have made significant contributions to the comic book industry across both Marvel and DC comics. Making the Ekos NFT collection more special and holding significant importance. 

    The Collection

    Ekos Genesis Art Collection is an original digital art collection hand-crafted by David Maisel, Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios. With acclaimed artists Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, and the Mythos Studios team. These pieces represent a complete art project and will not have other utility, now or in the future, aside from the art itself.  marvel ekos

    marvel nft ekos

    ekos nftmarvel nft ekos genesis

    The Auction

    The Marvel NFT project, the Ekos Genesis Art NFT collection is up for a pre-auction phase until April 30, 2023. You can submit an amount of 10 Eth or above to secure at least 1/1 piece of the collection. It is worth noting that the collection houses 995 NFTs. With 20 NFTs going to the outside partners so 975 NFTs are available for purchase. Sign up for the auction phase here.

    For the people who made it to the pre-auction phase, you’re in for a treat. In addition to the magnificent NFT, you also get a Bonus art with it. The bonus NFT is under the name of Ekos Genesis Art Portraits and only has 100 NFTs available and has a limit of 5 per wallet

    After the auction period is over the collection will then be revealed on June 27, 2023. Where anyone can purchase from the collection. Which will be available on secondary markets like Opensea.  

    The Marvel NFT Ekos team is also offering a Top Collector Reward, which is one of the six pieces of 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art from the same eight-piece artistic family as the two pieces auctioned in a package in May 2021 for $100,000.

    The Marvel Community 

    Marvel fans are very loyal and are excellent secret keepers that’s for sure. And now everyone is all ready and excited for this new Marvel NFT project. The Ekos Genesis Art Collection. Fans are getting all giddy to see the exclusive and never-seen-before art by David Maisel and two of the most influential artists in the comic world, Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. Here is a peak at just what fans have been experiencing since the cat was out of the bag:

    Final Statement 

    Lastly, the Marvel NFT project is a good and smart strategy taken by Marvel Studios. Although this is not the first Marvel venture into the NFT world. The Ekos Genesis NFT collection will definitely be a success as it already harbors many fans. The first official Marvel NFT collection was the collaboration with VeVe starring Spider-Man. The collection made its debut on August 7, 2021, with a price range from $40 to $400. The collection was available for 32,000 buyers with a secret-rare ultimate animated Spider-Man that was available for 1,000 buyers only! 


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