Advanced Guide: Maximize your Sneakers Resale Value

    Needless to say, buying sneakers is an increasingly popular fashion investment. The sneakers resale value can get pretty high. While you can opt to wear them, you can always sell them if you no longer want them in your collection. With time, you can make a decent living out of reselling your sneakers. Here are some tips to follow if you want to maximize resale value on your sneakers.

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    Know Your Shoe

    The first step to selling your shoe is to know what you’re selling. Understand how exclusive your shoe is in order to get your money’s worth. There are several factors that determine the worth of your shoe, such as the colorway, the original stock level, the size and most importantly who designed them.

    Sneakers Resale Value Explained

    Sneakers Resale value depends on the simple concept of supply and demand. The lower the demand is for the shoe, the lower the resale price will be. If there is a highly sought after shoe that has low supply, you can benefit from the high demand by increasing your resale price. However, study the resale market so you don’t undersell or oversell.

    Clean Your Shoe

    Keep them clean

    When it comes to used shoes, the first thing that automatically increases resale value is how clean they are. Nobody wants to buy your dirty smelly shoes. The cleanliness of the shoe can make or break the deal. So, take an old toothbrush, clean any dirt from the bottom and use wipes on areas where you think you should. To avoid ruining your shoes, learn how to clean each of the materials that your shoe features.

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    Take Nice Photos

    If they don’t see it, they don’t believe it. Taking decent photographs of the shoe you want to sell makes you seem less of a scam. Take snaps from all angles, even the tags and the box. Describe the shoe as it is instead of giving it a rating. If there is a small defect on a shoe, admit it. Don’t show hands on the shoe. Don’t show pictures of you wearing the shoe. Pay attention to details if you want to maximum your sneakers resale value.

    Know Where to Sell Your Shoe

    Sneakers resale Value: websites

    Once you’ve taken the pictures, it’s time to post them. Go where your customers go. Try sneaker Facebook groups, Craigslist, even some Sneakercon events. Try to use apps and go to websites that sell sneakers like Goat or StockX. Some advice: stay away from ebay, they have a high purchase fee. You can even go to your local consignment store and they’ll sell the shoe for you. And to know where else you can sell your shoes, click here.

    Note: When posting, add all information about that shoe. If you’re not open to negotiations include the word “Firm” after the price so you don’t attract lowballers.

    Build A Reputation and Clientele

    Market yourself! You don’t need to go all out and make a website, but be present on social media. Let people know who you are and what you’re selling. Gain the trust of people buy posting pictures often, and collecting reviews from people who have bought shoes from you. Most importantly, don’t sell fakes!

    Buy At Retail… Well, try to!

    Get your shoe for retail so you can flip it for more. Duh, no explanation needed. But the tricky part is in getting the shoes since they’ll most likely sell out quick. However, it’s nice to remember that the size of the shoe matters. Try to get an average size that sells out fast so you can resell it for a high price (9 to 10.5 US size). Moreover, brand new shoes are worth more! Fight the urge to try on sneakers that you buy with the intention of selling.

    Get Free Shoes

    Try to get yourself some free shoes by entering raffles and giveaways. If you get free shoes, you can sell those shoes for a decent resale price which will attract people, and help you build your clientele. Don’t go too low with your price so people don’t think it’s a scam, and don’t go too high (because you don’t want to be that guy!).

    Sometimes Sneakers Resale Value Increases

    Be patient after any sneaker release, for example Yeezys. Don’t rush to sell it the next day, because you’ll be faced with competition, fierce and merciless competition. Instead, wait a bit until your shoe size sells out from resale sites and apps.  This way you can have a better chance at selling your pair for a higher resale value. Yes,  you’ll make a lot more money selling hyped shoes. But don’t be upset if you can’t cop any. You can make a decent profit out of less hyped shoes too. Based on your clientele’s needs, you can control the resale value of regular sneakers.

    Become a Sneakerhead

    You need to get into the minds of those you’re selling to in order to understand the passion for what you’re selling. Follow social media accounts and other news outlets to stay updated on the sneaker industry. Sport sneakers from your own collection, and post OOTDs on your business accounts so people know you know the value of what you’re selling. You don’t want to come off as some sleazy reseller who rips people off. You want to show ‘em that you are trying hard to deliver them the best possible products. Plus, the fact that you’re a sneakerhead yourself can, alone, help you maximum your resale value.

    We hope our guide to reselling and increasing your resale price was helpful. If you have any more tips on how to maximize sneakers resale value, let us know!

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