Melody Ehsani Jordan WMNS Is the Cherry on Top of the Season’s Releases!

It’s already been 4 months since the drop of the “Fearless Ones” Jordan collection! And one of the kicks that caught the sneaker industry’s attention is the Melody Ehsani Jordan 1 Mid. Why? Because who knew a pair of sneakers could send such an empowering message? But after all, the Air Jordan 1 is a story by itself. And now, Melody Ehsani is teasing the female sneakerheads with an upcoming collaboration! We only have one thing to say: It’s the cherry on top of the 2020 Jordan releases!

Update (3/13/2020): So the kicks are going to be dropping on two different dates! Tomorrow, the kicks will be dropping in Melody Ehsani’s stores. However, the date that you care about is March 19, 2020. That’s when the Melody Ehsani Jordan Women’s sneakers are dropping on Nike US and select retailers!

Melody Ehsani Jordan WMNS OG Official Look

The Fearless One: Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani is a Persian American designer who challenged the stereotypes about women. She followed what her “divine blueprint” said she was meant to do and did it extremely well! Her first collaboration with the Jordan brand was on the Fearless Ones where she dropped her women exclusive Melody Ehsani Jordan 1 Mid!

Melody Ehsani Jordan 1 Mid Full View

The Air Jordan 1 Mids featured colors that mismatch. The right one is a reflection of the masculine side of every person while the left one is the feminine counterpart. Melody finally added her touch with a watch deubré!
The kicks dropped in November 2019 and retailed for $130. However, the kicks became so popular that they actually resell for a starting price of $639 on GOAT and an average of $522 on StockX! And they actually made it to our Best of 2019 kicks!

Melody Ehsani Jordan WMNS OG

Yes! The Air Jordan 1 Mid is not the last pair we see of the Melody Ehsani Jordan partnership. In fact, Melody is currently teasing her latest collaboration with the brand on another women-exclusive pair of kicks! The Women’s Jordan OG is exclusive to the ladies to fit their playing style and physical build.

Melody Ehsani Jordan WMNS Cherry

And today, Ehsani is leaving her mark on the kicks. The women’s Jordans will feature a black upper, red outsole, a cherry deubrée, and the ME. embroidery underneath the Jordan logo on the heel area. However, all the ladies can find a message from Melody Ehsani on the inside of the tongue that says:

“The cherry, throughout time, has been a symbol of abundance, associated with goddesses of fertility and plenty. So I say to you, goddess… May your creativity be fertile – however you choose to use it and may abundance in all things good be yours. Sis love to all my sisters all around the world, this one’s for you.”

Any Release Deets?

Just today, Melody Ehsani confirmed that the kicks will be dropping on March 14, 2020, exclusively in her stores. So if you live anywhere near them in Los Angeles or New York, you better get ready!

Melody Ehsani Sets the Bar Really High!

2020 seems to be a great year for all the lady sneakerheads, what with the UNC to Chi AJ1 WMNS, Sheila Rashid AJ1 Mid, and Off-White women-exclusive AJ4. And let’s not forget Queen Bey’s Ivy Park collection. However, the Melody Ehsani Jordan collab is just setting the bar even higher for any women’s sneakers that follow!

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