MetaMask Airdrop Is Fake News!

    Unfortunately, a Metamask airdrop or snapshot is not underway right now, and the Web3 wallet provider even posted a warning. 

    Truth be told, with everyone dishing out new token airdrops (Blur, Arbitrum, my grandmother…), it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot the fake scammy news from the legit ones. 

    Note that, this doesn’t mean Metamask won’t ever decide on doing one. It just means that March 31 ain’t it… 

    Naturally, the recorded activity on MetaMask increased dramatically following the rumors with many people suffering from early-onset FOMO. 

    In detail, data from DappRadar shows that the number of transactions on March 27 reached 21,460 from a baseline of approximately 8,000.

    Metamask Activity Via Dappradar

    Fake Metamask Coin Airdrop Threads

    A number of fake Metamask-affiliated accounts popped up on Twitter and promoted the fake news. But we won’t be publicly sharing any of these scammers on here… 

    And the announcements were so believable that many users started writing down their own take on strategies to reap the most out of the Metamask ‘airdrop’. 

    Unbeknownst. Maybe.

    What people are saying

    It’s never a good idea to fall for rumors. Always get your information on everything Web3 DIRECTLY from the source.

    And since scamming people is hardly a noble act, herds of people were absolutely livid on Twitter.

    It’s worth noting that most of those are solely blaming Metamask for not acting immediately.

    Can we blame them? Absolutely not. 

    Metamask could have easily nibbed the airdrop rumor right in the bud where it started. And the whole bandwagon would’ve been avoided.  

    So, why didn’t they?

    Were they analyzing the engagement rates and numbers for when an actual native coin does drop? Might or might not be the case… 

    On the other hand, many of the replies from the community suggest that they are still eagerly waiting… 

    Where did the rumor originate from? 

    It all started with the first mention of a Metamask token $Mask back in November 2021… 

    ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin’s “Wen $MASK? Stay tuned.” was not received lightly for the community took it to heart and were biding their time.  

    However, the Metamask airdrop flame was reignited during a “fireside chat” session at ETHDenver 2023 on March 14 with Lubin. 

    In detail, Lubin reiterated that his firm is “actively working to decentralize” MetaMask. 

    And in the chat, He reportedly confirmed that the team intends to launch a token. 

    But failed to disclose the ‘when’ of it all… 

    Will we wait another 2 years for it to ACTUALLY happen? Maybe.

    Until then, please don’t fall victim to fishy announcements and links, they just want inside your wallet!

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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