MetaMask Security & Safety: How to Keep Your NFTs Safe & Sound!

    We’ve recently learned how to create and manage MetaMask accounts – a software cryptocurrency wallet used on the Ethereum blockchain. But now, we’re going to take things a step further and learn how to enforce MetaMask security. Or, in reality, how to keep your NFTs safe on MetaMask!

    One of the biggest nightmares of any NFT collector would be falling for an NFT rug pull and phishing. And, it all really comes down to your wits and the security of the crypto wallet of your choice. Just think; if your MetaMask account was hacked at the moment. What would you lose?

    The worst thing you can do is not secure your wallet and protect your assets. So, we’re here to provide you with the best MetaMask security practices to keep your NFT safe! Keep reading to learn more about them and how to apply them to your own wallet!

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    Before we begin with Metamask security practices, we’re going to point something out. MetaMask can not be hacked. However, YOU as a human being can easily be hacked and put your NFTs in harm’s way! 

    Most crypto wallets use a randomly generated 12-word secret recovery phrase or seed phrase. This is used to create and restore your MetaMask wallet. For every account you create using that wallet, you get a private key! So, these are basically the keys to MetaMask security! And, jeopardizing security can happen in four scenarios:

    You give your private keys to someone posing as a MetaMask support or NFT seller!

    Your computer gets hacked via spyware and malware

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    You connect your wallet to a shady website you shouldn’t be connecting it to. Or maybe even the wrong website! 

    You give potential scam accounts access to your Metamask without doing a proper background check. Aka, the classic rug pull! 



    Applying MetaMask Security Tips

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    1. Do not give out your private key to ANYONE
    2. Always make sure you check the URL of DApps
    3. Do not click on links from people you don’t know
    4. Do not click on shady crypto ads for optimal MetaMask security
    5. NEVER save your private keys on your computer or phone
    6. Run anti-malware and ant-virus programs regularly
    7. Consider creating several accounts in your wallet to split the stake between them if you have large funds
    8. Create strong passwords with special characters, symbols, and numbers. Also, make sure to make it as long as you can!
    9. Do not login or use MetaMask from public Wi-Fi or shared computers
    10. And, disconnect your wallet from all websites that appear to be suspicious

    Recommended MetaMask Security Settings

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    1. Auto-lock Wallet: Settings > Auto-Lock Timer (Minutes) > Set it at less than 5 minutes
    2. Advanced Gas Controls: Settings > Turn on advanced gas controls – This will show the gas prices and the limit controls
    3. Turn Off Experimental: Settings > Turn off any experimental settings
    4. Turn On Phishing Detection: Settings > Settings & Privacy > Turn on phishing detection – You will get a warning for phishing domains
    5. Show Incoming Transactions: Settings > Settings & Privacy > Turn on show incoming transactions
    6. Alerts: Settings > Alerts > Turn on all the alerts that you find on the alerts page for better MetaMask security

    Also, for better MetaMask security, make sure you clear your data. Browser history, and cookies on a regular basis. And, we also recommend that you use a password or passcode protector as your preferred login method. Finally, if you do all these steps, you can guarantee that you will get the best of MetaMask security! 


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