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    Web3 is not going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s face it. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the predicted market value of the Metaverse by the year 2030 is a whopping $678 Billion. In the report, that market value was just shy of $39 Billion in 2021, giving it a predicted growth rate of 39% over the next 10-year period. So, with all the long-due hype, what are the Metaverse jobs currently on the market?

    Basically, Not only can you make some extra cash in your free time blockchain hustle, but you’re also presented with a whole array of job opportunities, left and right! The virtual way of living somewhat alienated the typical 9-to-5 job standard and instead gave way to a fully remote working lifestyle. Let me explain.

    Inevitably, the Metaverse will revolutionize all we thought we knew about pre-existing careers and create new innovative ones. Furthermore, technology and our increasing reliance on it will create an even higher demand for those jobs! And creative occupations will immerge like never before. With the limitless prospects, here are some of the coolest Metaverse jobs you’ve probably never considered before! Flash news, they are LEGIT!

    Metaverse Real Estate Agent

    Metaverse real estate is in its very early stages. However, some people are getting ahead in this industry. Yes, we are fully aware that most of you skeptics out there wouldn’t pay a penny for a plot of virtual land or a digital house. But, hear me out! Recently, an actual house sold as an NFT, check out the story here! If you decide to take on being a Metaverse real estate agent, you must work hard to learn all the ins and outs!

    In detail, you should be prepared to seize the growing demand for digital real estate agents. Although we mortals think twice and thrice before paying for “imaginary” property, some A-listers like Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg have already purchased property there!

    Moreover, Adidas and Gucci, are also among other brands to have bought land in The Sandbox ecosystem to launch NFTs and digital experiences in the virtual world. Make sure to check out the Sandbox NFT here!

    How Do You Become One? 

    First of all, you need to secure a reputable and credible provider of virtual real estate services. There are many to choose from, so do your top-notch research! 

    Next, create a real estate agent account with the provider you choose. And once you’ve completed a short tutorial on how to use the platform, you can start listing properties! 

    Everything is done virtually! 

    Must-Have Qualities of a Metaverse Real Estate Agent:

    • First and foremost, you must know how to network in the Metaverse community! Connections are key here!
    • An in-depth understanding of crypto, digital currencies, and wallets is a must! Metaverse transactions FULLY rely on them!
    • You must be flexible to secure this Metaverse job! What differentiates a competent real estate agent from the rest is their ability to take risks and make difficult decisions. 
    • You must know your hardware/software tech! If you want to succeed in the Metaverse real estate agency sector, you must equip yourself with the know-how of operating VR headsets and 3D scanners. It’s all part of the immersive experience!


    Basically, a Metaverse connector is a person who acts as a bridge between two parties. A party that demands a certain product or service. And a party that provides said product or service. This can come in many forms! For example, when you connect someone to an NFT artist for a specific piece, or when you point buyers toward sellers of specific digital goods.

    Not everyone can fit the Connector bill since it requires highly intuitive skills and an in-depth understanding of the market needs. Moreover, as a Connector, you can aid game developers to gain funding for their projects. Once you’ve held your end of the bargain, you’ll earn a good commission!

    You don’t have to already know a lot of people! But, it is a plus! In detail, you can curate potential investors on websites like Kickstarter. If you are confident of your strong network, this might be the right Metaverse job for you! 

    Metaverse Digital Marketers

    Many global businesses like Pepsi and Nike are crossing over to the Metaverse. And since marketing is the practice of promoting and selling a company’s products or services, this shift necessitates the need for bright digital marketers!

    Take what Renault did in their Metaverse as an example. The virtual world allowed the automobile company to translate its factories and brand into Web3. No video, written advertisement, or image can accomplish the same impact on the audience.

    Moreover, the decentralized Web3 gives marketers all the creative freedom their heart desires! And as rug pulls, scams and sudden market crashes occur, efficient marketing gains more importance. It is of utmost importance that a Web3 digital marketer knows how to lure newcomers into investing in new projects and collections.

    People are more skeptical than ever now, and it’s up to marketers to ease potential investors’ worries and deliver clear messages. These messages would include obvious roadmaps, valuable utility, and potential longer-term profits.

    Metaverse Jobs in 3D Modeling

    Although the recent NFT market crash slowed down the virtual assets business, the digital items market is still going strong. In fact, the need for 3D gaming assets is now hotter than ever with all the new immersive gaming platforms sprouting in the digital universe. So, nifty 3D modelers are highly in demand! 

    With the right tools and some hands-on practice, you can become a 3D modeler and earn money! Imagine making hundreds of dollars selling your models in the Metaverse. How cool is that?

    Tons of platforms can help you navigate the basics of 3D modeling from the comfort of your own home. You just need to do your research! Then, you can sell your models on several marketplaces like Sketchfab or Artstation

    You can design 3D NFT FASHION for example! Are you a talented 3D illustrator and concept modeler? This could be the Metaverse Job for you. 

    Don’t worry! There is no shortage of buyers. Be it in Decentraland, Roblox, or many other projects, your 3D models will find a forever home! 

    Metaverse Jobs in Event Planning/Directing

    Imagine being able to throw concerts, NFT art exhibitions, and fashion shows in the Metaverse. This does sound too good to be true! With many Haute Couture houses and brands riding the Web3 wave, online events are becoming the new trend as of late! As a result, there is a growing need for event directors.

    As an event planner, you are responsible for finding and securing the right-fit venues for your clients within the Metaverse and sometimes IRL. Moreover, you are expected to manage event calendars, guest-lists, negotiate with vendors, assist with marketing, monitor budgets, network, and put your best self forward! A hectic to-do list indeed!

    Storytelling Meta-Influencer

    Whether you like it or not, Meta and NFT Influencers are a BIG thing in Web3!

    And being a rich and famous influencer isn’t hard if you have talent. One route you can venture on is making funny Youtube commentary videos playing any game in the Metaverse.

    In fact, many well-known NFT influencers started by recording themselves playing online! Take the iconic Flamingo, AKA Albert Spencer Aretz, AKA one of the most-hyped Roblox influencers EVER, as an example. Now, he manages to earn more than $20 Million a year through his YouTube channel.

    Intrigued and wondering how to get started? I’ve got you covered! 

    Basically, you need to pick your ‘poison’. Target a space that isn’t overcrowded. Pro-tip: Join the hype early! Explore the intended space and write funny engaging gameplay scenarios for your videos! However, consistency is always key. You won’t go viral overnight! Or will you? Go ahead and bite the Metaverse job proverbial bullet; may the odds be in your favor!

    Metaverse Jobs as AR / VR Software Engineers

    These engineers are pillars in the Metaverse. Anything from various places, items, experiences, and avatars needs to be developed by our AR/VR software engineers to become ‘tangible’.

    Augmented reality and virtual reality are necessary to sustain the evolving Metaverse. With the surge in demand in 2019, according to a new State of Software Engineers report, work opportunities in this sector are flourishing. We expect companies to need thousands of software engineers with AR/VR in the upcoming years.

    Equipped with skills to tap into innovative algorithmic platforms and sophisticated software for the metaverse, they get paid big bucks! Currently, AR and VR software engineers make from $135,000 to $150,000 in major tech hubs. Are you enticed?

    Metaverse Architects

    They are Bob-The-Builders of the Metaverse. 

    Metaverse architects are vital players in translating real-world designs into the virtual realm. Moreover, new tech innovations bring about exciting possibilities for the digital world. With no constraints, architects can get as creative as they want! 

    Gravity is not a factor to consider anymore. So, Architects can conceptualize movable furniture or expandable rooms, and party halls. The possibilities are endless!

    The key difference between virtual architecture and traditional architecture is that the latter aims to provide shelter. On the other hand, Metaverse architecture revolves purely around creativity! The sky is your limit, literally.

    Metaverse architecture redefines the concept of “space”. The art of designing structures in an immersive universe where people can interact with 3D models is extremely exciting. Are you interested in this Metaverse Job?

    The Sealed Deal on Metaverse Jobs

    We are currently at a turning point in history. And everything we deemed impossible is happening! Did you ever picture people paying ridiculous amounts of money for virtual assets that aren’t even tangible?! Not to mention the talks about constructing virtual schools to replace traditional learning methods. With the tech revolution underway, metaverse jobs are becoming more and more prevalent.

    However, there is some controversy. Will these opportunities close the unemployment gap? Or will this innovative leap render traditional jobs obsolete? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Don’t forget to check out the most important skills you need to master to navigate those Web3 waters!


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