Elon Musk’s Viral Tweet Unintentionally Promotes Milady Maker 

    As everything controversial on the internet Milady Maker scored a surge in its floor price seemingly overnight. And that was due to a tweet by the infamous Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a known entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. Yet he is still considered an influencer and often engages in meme-worthy tweets and social media posts. So, when Musk tweeted last night with just a single photo of an NFT Collection. It does not come as a surprise that it surged overnight. Let’s dig in. 

    Milady Maker Floor Price Surge

    On May 10, Business Magnate Elon Musk tweeted a meme using the photo of a character from the NFT collection Milday Maker. Shortly after the meme was out in the open people had taken notice of an intense rise in the Milady Maker Floor Price. The floor price showed a significant rise from 3.8 ETH ($1,819) to as high as 7.8 ETH and then it got down to 4.29  ETH at the time of publication. 

    The seemingly normal tweet sparked a genuine interest in the NFT public as people rushed to claim an NFT in the controversial collection. Yes, both Elon and the NFT collection are controversial apparently.

    Milady Maker

    The Milady Maker NFT collection was created in 2021 by artist Charlotte Fang and is a Remilia Corp project. Milday Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative PFP NFTs in a neo-chibi aesthetic taking inspiration from street-style tribes. 

    One can say that Milady is an aesthetic representing a certain lifestyle. Which is an ode to a simpler past life. The collection is living on the Ethereum Blockchain and features randomly-generated ladies that look like something we used to play on our old computers. You can find the collection on Opensea.

    Final Statement

    Lastly, this shows that the NFT market is easily influenced by people. Especially for someone as influential as Elon Musk people definitely trust his business adventures. So, the meme that Elon tweeted may suggest that Milady Maker is a good NFT collection to invest in. Therefore, many people rushed to make sure they scored an NFT before they regret not buying one. What do you think was this a smart decision? Or was Elon Musk just testing his influence?


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