Milady Maker NFT Collection: The Controversial Collection

     NFTs have a broad spectrum spanning all around the world. Various collections are born in specific locations and actually become popular in different countries across the globe. The Milady Maker NFT collection is a prime example of that. This Japanese collection has made it big time in the NFT scene. Which one can see as good and bad, and we have its numbers and statistics to prove just that. This collection’s popularity did not come out of the war with no scratch. In fact it came out with more than a few scratches and blows as well. Let’s dig in.

    Milady Maker NFT Collection

    The Milady Maker NFT collection was created in 2021 by artist Charlotte Fang and is a Remilia Corp project. Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative PFP NFTs in a neo-chibi aesthetic inspired by street-style tribes. 

    One can say that Milady is an aesthetic representing a certain lifestyle. Which is an ode to a simpler past life. The collection is living on the Ethereum Blockchain and features randomly-generated ladies that look like something we used to play on our old computers. Which is not a bad thing by the way. 

    According to Coin Gecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 2.089000 ETH ($4,007.85)
    • Market Cap: 20,520 ETH ($39,369,144)
    • 24H Volume: 1,387 ETH ($2,661,164)

    The Milady Maker NFT collection is still holding its ground if the numbers prove anything. But, we must mention that this collection went through many controversial phases and rumors. And the fact that people are still investing in it and making it a trend in the Opensea market is questionable. 

    The Big Controversy

    There have been many controversies surrounding the Milady Maker NFT collection since its launch. And it has spanned from believable to ‘ you’re just making this up’ rather quickly. 

    Nazi Motifs

    This might seem a bit extreme or unbelievable but the Milady Maker collection and its founder Charlotte Fang and Remilia Corp, the DAO company, have been accused of the alleged use of ‘Nazi motifs.’ After a month from the drop of The Milady Maker spin-off collection ‘Milady, That B.I.T.C.H.’ The collection gained public attention, for all the wrong reasons. 

    People began noticing that some NFTs featured characters with the word “Treblinka” on their shirts. This word is the name of a Nazi concentration camp from World War II. Remilia Collective issued an apology for their mistake, claiming that the words on the characters’ shirts were randomly generated. And so people let go of the issue. In 2021, Charlotte Fang released an essay explaining how certain Miladyies are more valuable than others. 

    The essay said that the ranks of Milady NFTs go from “SS”, “S”, “A”, “B”, “C” to “Normal”, with “Normal” being the lowest rank. The use of “SS” as the highest rank was under criticism. Because of the association of these initials with the Nazi parliamentary organization, the Schutzstaffel. Fang, denied any Nazi implication in the rank system. And claimed that it was borrowed from Japanese video games and card games. 

    Furthermore, Charlotte Fang was also under accusation for promoting anorexia to young girls. And engaging in cyber cult activities along with making homophobia and anti- jew statements. But we can’t deny that the collection is still ongoing and people are still investing and these all could be just rumors trying to take down a big NFT collection

    Milady Maker NFT Collection’s Lifestyle Experiences 

    The Milady Makers NFT collection is more than just a PFP collection, it also offers multiple engagement activities and utilities such as: 

    • Milady VRtube: Miladies were designed as separate asset layers, so they were readymade for Live2D rigging for use as VRtube avatars. Thus, the Milady VTube avatars in collaboration with Hologram Labs were born. You just need to connect your wallet with the Hologram app to use any Milady in streams or video calls.
    • Milady Raves: Holder meetups in the form of warehouse raves put on in major cities like NYC, London, and Tokyo in collaboration with their local underground scenes.
    • Miladycore Bootlegs: Bootleg merch store for commissioned knockoffs of designer cosmetic series with logos redesigned to feature Milady graphics.
    • Milady Minecraft Metaverse: Highly customized Minecraft server exclusive to the Milady community, featuring NFT-gated land plots and regular community events. Join by entering ‘’ in Minecraft after authenticating in Milady Village discord.

    Currently, the NFT collection is holding a convention dubbed’ Remilia-Con Tokyo 2023.’ Which will take place from April 14th to April 16th in Japan. 

    Final Statement

    Although the Milady Makers NFT collection went through many tumbles since its debut. We cannot deny that it is still going strong and maybe even stronger than before. The circling rumors regarding this collection did not stop collectors and investors from seeing the value that these NFTs hold. And chose to deem them as just rumors and move forward. So, what do you think? Is this collection worth all the hype and loyalty? 


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