Mocaverse NFT: Invasion Of The Mocas

    The Mocaverse NFT collection is a Space-themed collection complete with Alien-like creatures called Mocas. The NFT world is filled with weird themes that certainly attract the target audience. It could span from animal themes to contemporary art themes and even alien themes.  The Mocas come in a luggage-shaped capsule awaiting the final reveal. Let’s dig in. 

    The Mocaverse NFT 

    The Mocaverse NFT collection was created by Animoca in March 2023. The NFT collection has a total of 8888 NFTs in the shape of mystery luggage. Furthermore, the Mocaverse is home to the Mocas who are creatures that roam the realms. Separated into 5 categories the Mocas are bold and infinitely creative beings who hail from the Mocaverse NFT home. But years ago, an inexorable expansion of space caused the Mocas to separate.

     As they developed their technologies to advance the realms, the distance between them grew tenfold. However, the Mocas believe in collaboration and are forming a united front to help bring the realms together. 

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 1.74 ETH ($2,710.86)
    • Market Cap: 15,465.12 ETH ($24,094,084.01)
    • 24H Volume: 1,552.964854999 ETH

    Mocaverse’s Mocas

    The Mocas belong to 5 incredible tribes that are stronger in unity. Hence, their goal is to build a world that champions the Open Metaverse, Digital Asset Ownership, and Creator Support. And these 5 tribes are:  

    1. Dreamers: Always bring new ideas into the universe and charter to create a brave new world.
    2. Builders: Build this new world through their focus, endurance, and dedication.
    3. Angels: Are keen to spot treasures and fund adventures through their support for risk-takers.
    4. Connectors: Bring people together on this adventure to shape our new world.
    5. Neo-Capitalists: Create a new system of distribution through their experience, wisdom, and resourcefulness.  


    Mocaverse NFT holders will be able to Learn, Play, Do Good, and Build together. Additionally, utilities will be under co-creation by the mocaverse communities, enjoyable by the said community, and powered by Animoca Brands.

    The utility offerings will be diverse, with just a few examples below:

    • Learn: Masterclasses and AMAs with industry leaders, educational research insights.
    • Play: Exclusive game passes, access to unique in-game assets, and airdrops.
    • Do Good: Opportunities to make meaningful contributions toward social causes.
    • Build: Access to resources and tools for builders in the Web3 space.

    People Reactions

    The relatively new Mocaverse NFT collection is welcomed on Twitter like a war veteran. NFT collectors are quickly jumping on the mocaverse spaceship. Moreover, this big Twitter engagement only serves as a signification for the growing popularity and statistics of the Mocaverse NFT collection.

    The Mocaverse NFT’s Final Landing

    Lastly, the Mocaverse NFT collection’s popularity serves as a vision for the collection’s future.  The collection is currently available on Opensea as mystery luggage that will soon open to reveal a random Moca from the 5 tribes. If you invest in this collection you will get to experience an adventure that is extra-terrestrial. Get it? Would you invest in this collection? 


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