Moonbirds’ Creator Got Hacked & Lost Over $1 Million in NFTs!

    Yesterday, Moonbirds’ creator got hacked! In detail, Kevin Rose who is also the founder of Proof_XYZ was phished! He was tricked into signing a malicious signature that allowed the hacker to transfer a large number of high-value tokens from his balance. Here is how it happened!

    Moonbirds’ Creator Got Hack: How Did This Happen?

    Unfortunately, the unknown hacker was very meticulous while executing his phishing attack! In detail, Arran Schlosberg, vice president of engineering at Proof, described the incident as a ‘classic piece of social engineering’. Now, let’s get into how the Moonbirds’ creator got hacked. 

    The strategy? The Moonbirds’ creator got hacked because he was tricked into a false sense of security. Basically, the exploiter executed the hack by forging signatures accepted by OpenSea’s marketplace contract.

    Furthermore, the dim light in this murky ordeal is that digital assets such as NFTs, Ethereum, and others owned by Proof remain unaffected after this attack. Why? They require multiple approvals for access. Smart! 

    NFT Analyst Foobar took to Twitter to further comment on the situation,  he noted that most of the stolen assets were well above the floor price, which means that the amount stolen could be as high as $2 million…

    Moonbirds’ Creator Got Hack: What Does Seaport Have To Do With This?

    According to the prominent Twitter NFT Analyst Quit:

    After Moonbirds’ creator got hacked, Quit went on to explain that the Attacker set up a phishing site that was able to view the NFT assets held in Rose’s wallet.

    After that, he set up an order to transfer all of Rose’s assets that are approved on OpenSea to himself.

    Finally, Kevin Rose unknowingly validated the malicious transaction.

    The Stolen Assets

    After the Moonbirds’ creator got hacked, we resorted to Etherscan to find out what and which assets were stolen.

    Unfortunately, at least 684.7 ETH worth of NFTs were stolen. This is equivalent to $1.1 million as I’m writing this article. And these include:

    • At least one Autoglyph (Floor price of 345 ETH).
    • 25 Art Blocks aka Chromie Squiggles (Worth a total of 332.5 ETH at least).
    • 9 OnChainMonkey items (Worth 7.2 ETH  at least).
    • One QQL Mint Pass.
    • One Admit One pass from Gmoney.
    • One Cool Cat NFT.
    • One The Currency NFT by Damian Hirst (Yes, the guy who lit paintings on fire).
    • One Quantum Key.

    Furthermore, after the Moonbirds’ creator got hacked, Kevin and the team discouraged the community from buying any Chromie Squiggles NFTs until they all get flagged! 

    How Did The Community React After Moonbirds’ Creator Got Hacked?

    Of course, as in every scam, hack, and attack, the Web3 community recites its condolences to the victim in hopes of them making a speedy recovery from the traumatic experience…

    Now What?

    Just earlier this month, we wrote about two other hack attacks! Remember when the COO of Nike’s NFT project RTFKT, and prominent NFT collector CryptoNovo were also attacked? When will this come to an end?

    At the moment, Kevin and his team are working closely with the anti-fraud teams from Opensea and Ledger, and are ‘considering all avenues, including legal’. As they should!


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