MoonBirds NFT: Nesting in our Hearts 

    Have you jumped on the hype wave of MoonBirds NFT collection or not yet? Hurry up, then. They’re the talk of the time! You’re probably wondering how these cute little pixelated birds could claim our hearts so fast. 

    The not-so-secretive secret is out: Moonbirds NFT have dominated the sky with their special art, ambitious roadmap, utilities, metaverse, and a little bird tells me they’re here to stay.

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    What is MoonBirds NFT?

    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @moonbirds
    OpenSea floor price: 14 ETH
    Etherscan Address: Moonbirds

    Rumor has it that most of the success comes from the founders’ creative minds and widespread presence in the NFT scene – Kevin Rose and illustrator Justin Mezzell. They created PROOF collective – basically an NFT platform with special membership, from which Moonbirds NFT collection launched.

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    On April 16th, 2022, Moonbirds launched on Ethereum’s network under the ERC-721 standard. Moonbirds NFT is utility-enabled profile pictures (PFPs) with diverse and distinct rarity-driven features. Now, what is PFP, you might wonder? Simply put, they can be considered the tickets to enter a specific Metaverse.

    Having 10,000 unique characters, Moonbirds NFT is pixelated illustrations of a really cool owl that seems to have all the expressions and outfits of the world under its sleeves. Or wings!

    This diversity is intentional as Kevin Rose means to attract and represent as many people as possible. The attributes in total are eight, but for example, one character could have a crown, fire hair, rainbow eyes, cool chains, and much more interestingly-weird variations. 

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    What Does Holding MoonBird NFT Offer?

    It is not an exaggeration when we say that this was one of the most successful launches. Making 280 million dollars on primary and secondary trading within the first 48 hours of launch, Moonbirds NFT achieved instant blue-chip status. Yes, blue chip!

    At the time of writing this article, the floor price of Moonbirds NFT is around 14 ETH, and the volume traded since launch is at 166.5K ETH on OpenSea. Basically, 12.5 ETH is currently around 26,055$. And, if that’s not shocking enough, the peak floor price of this collection was 32 ETH. If you do the proper math, that’s a whole lot of money to make off NFTs! 

    So, what makes Moonbird NFTs so special?

    • A Moonbirds holder has access to a private Moonbirds-only Discord.
    • A Moonbirds NFT holder is eligible for a front-row seat of their Metaverse. They can get lands over there.
    • Once you nest your Moonbirds and lock them up for 3 months, you’re then eligible for hoodie airdrops for your Moonbirds and receive 250 stickers of your favorite MoonBird.
    • If you hold a MoonBird NFT, you hold 100% of the IP for that image. That means you can do anything with it, sell it, or whatever. Much like the Bored Apes license.

    Future of MoonBirds NFT

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    Some speculate that Moonbirds may be the new BAYC, but I’ll leave it up to your interpretation. However, this sure seems like a carefully planned collection with a vision.  Kevin Rose mentioned in his youtube launch video and future of PROOF video that the funds from the sale would be used to turn the PROOF organization into a reputable media firm and invest more into the utilities of Moonbirds NFT. A project with a passionate vision sounds like a recipe for success! 

    Stay tuned to the Chainwitcher as we bring you the coolest buzz in the NFT universe!


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